Saturday, April 27, 2013

What exactly is a Punk Rock?

Hi Everyone!  I would love to say happy Saturday BUT early this morning at 4am WHILE I WAS SLEEPING a great tragedy befell Mr Pinkie.  I don't know what happened but we lost him in the wee hours of the morning!  So now here I am in the real world with nubbins *shudders*  Naturally I have a few posts I didn't get up before this happened.  Today's mani is one of them.  So tomorrow when I post my AIS challenge with short nubbins try not to be too freaked out LOL!

I had done this mani awhile ago actually and thought about it for an Autism Awareness mani.  When I showed a few of polish friends they told me it looked "punk"  UM I'm not really sure what "punk" is but here's the mani!
I used the luscious Pure Ice French Kiss and Zoya Dove at the recommendation of blue and grey from my friend Ashley!  GREAT IDEA, ASH!
I have been wanting to use my safety pin image from DRK-B so I thought these colors were perfect for that!
I topped a few nails with Cover Band's Sticks n Stones and BAM
A star is born!

I'm sad about my break this morning BUT it also gives me a chance to use some plates I have that are just too small for my nails now!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all have a great weekend!   


  1. Goodness, for a minute there I thought Mr Pinkie was a pet! My condolences on your nail!

  2. LOL, I too thought Mr. Pinkie was one of your furry friends and had the read the blog 2 times til I understood what was going on. So relieved. I am sure you will rock out a shorter mani with style.
    Today's post was great. I love the colors and the variety.

  3. This manib is too awesome! The color combination and blending is spot on! I adore the way you combined the blue and gray with black and white. LOOOVE IT!