Saturday, April 20, 2013

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bridge

Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday!  I'm not sure what's going on but there's a huge yellow ball in the sky by us today.  I don't really know what it is, it doesn't appear to be giving off any sort of warmth but it looks pretty!

I'm wearing a mani today to celebrate and honor the life of my two sweet boys, Sam & Baxter who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  It was a sad journey to be sure, but over that rainbow bridge blue birds sing and troubles melt like lemon drops and cats get all the catnip they want!

It took me awhile to think of what I wanted to do for these two boys, who were brothers, because they were SO special to me.  Long story short, I was supposed to be getting a kitten from a girl at work who had a neighbor with a litter living under their porch.  My son was 11 at the time and I thought bringing a cat into our lives would be a good thing.  On the very day I was going to stop over at work and get one the girl told me the mother had taken them all and they were no longer there.

YIKES!  Try coming home and telling that to an 11 year old kid!  Talk about heartbreak!

To the rescue came another coworker who said her mother in law had 2 kittens she was trying to find a good home for because he did daycare and one of the children she watched was allergic so the kittens had to be locked away in the basement during the day.  She asked me if I was interested and I said yes I will take one for sure!

I drove over there in the pouring rain and when I got there she already had a closed up cardboard box for me so I didn't even get a chance to see what our new kitten looked like.  I dashed back to the car and started for home.  Curiosity getting the best of me I opened the box at a stop light and sitting in the box were two not one kittens that were more 8 months old than 2.  The minute I got home I took them out of the box and they both followed me right into the bathroom and laid down in there while Nature called.

How was I going to break up 2 brothers???!!! Simple I wasn't.  I honestly have no idea what their first names were with their first family but we named them Sam and Baxter.  Sam was always laying on me so he got the nickname Sam the Barnacle Cat and Baxter was so handsome he got the nickname Baxter the Boyfriend Cat.  They were the loves of our lives for many years.  I can't wait to see them again one day over that rainbow bridge!

I chose a simple design for today's Animal Guardian Ribbon mani using Ninja Polish's Divinity because just like All Dogs--Cats Go To Heaven!
I took ALOT of shots of this mani at work where the lighting is best to show the shifts of Divinity--thankfully my coworkers know I'm a nail blogger AND they don't think I'm too crazy!
The color shifts are pretty amazing
Stunning, if you will
It's a good color to have on when you're bored so you can stare at it
and tilt your hand back and forth and make it change!
Even thumbie loves it!
Here's a shot of it in the full light of the kitchen, because as I mentioned earlier, the yellow ball up in the sky is emitting no warmth
There's a lot of sparkly goodness in the light, but in the shade you really see the true beauty of this gorgeous polish!
Duochromes are fabulous for that very reason, they look gorgeous in both sun AND shade!

Ninja Polish Divinity can be purchased via Ninja Polish .  Rhonni has outdone herself with some STUNNING colors exclusive to Ninja Polish.

And these are my boys who've crossed The Rainbow Bridge
Sammie my sweet Barnacle Cat

And Baxter my sweet Boyfriend Cat
Not a day goes by I don't miss them both.

Cats are done for my Animal Guardian Ribbon--I just have to work on the chinchillas!


  1. That is a really pretty polish. Duochromes and holo polishes can reduce productivity at work!

  2. This is a really beautiful polish and a very sweet mani! I'm sure Sam and Baxter will wait for you :)

  3. ♥ Love this post so much, and of course the mani is beautiful! ♥

  4. Hello!
    It's beautiful this polish!
    I'm following your blog. Follow mine too please.