Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Orange you glad it's Wednesday?!! Extend a mani!!

Hi Everyone!!! Happy hump day!  I loved my orange gradient SO much I just couldn't part with it so I did a beautiful extend a mani!  Not really a oh hey let's wear a lot of these gorgeous oranges you have but it is what it is LOL!  I really do love my orange gradient so much I just could bear to get rid of it so soon and you all know that's pretty rare for me.  I decided to stamp over it and add some free hand roses to it.  YES I did free hand!

I stamped using one of my favorite images ever from DRK B and then I just did the needle swirl method with an orange and red for my roses
I'm not thrilled with my leaves but I don't free hand much so this is pretty good for someone who would rather stamp LOL!
Man this is a lovely gradient still!!!

The theme this week in my advanced nail stamping group is straight lines--stamping straight line is sometimes not easy at all ESPECIALLY if you have very curved nails like I do.  I'm going to attempt something tonight using orange, black and silver--so Halloween colors but not in a Halloween design.  I hope it turns out as I'm visioning it in my head.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Orange You Glad It's Tuesday??!!!

Hi Everyone!  Today I have a little happy accident to share with you all!  I had wanted to do an orange to red gradient with some polishes I haven't done much and at first gradient them with a sponge was very hard as all three were jelly type finishes.  I finally figure out how to get them on my nail and I think the look is striking!  I had to make due with the best "light" I had

Here's a shot I took of this gorgeous gradient under the stove top.  This is Elevation Aconcagua and Jade Uau and Vermelho Surreal

Here's a shot with flash 
What's so awesome about it is the fact it almost doesn't look like a gradient!

I tried to sponge method this as I normally do and I was getting nothing but the holo pigment on my nails with no color left behind.  I had to think outside the box.  To get it to work I did 1 layer of Aconcagua then I painted the red Vermelho Surreal on the tips, where the two met together I did some short brush strokes with Uau then I went over the entire nail again with a very thin coat of Aconcagua--brilliant!

Here's some shots I took outside
It's really quite stunning
What I liked best about it and I honestly think it's the jelly type finish in all of them is even indoors this looked lovely  as you could really see the color of the polish and not a flat silvery look you so often get with holos indoors.

I love this one a lot! I don't know if I'm going to be able to take this baby off!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see whether or not I do LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Orange you glad it's Monday?

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday!  A funny thing happened on the way to me putting polishes away in my melmer.  The first thing I did instead of putting away the 6 or 7 polishes I had out was go through my purple drawer to find what I just really wasn't wearing anymore so I could weed them out.  I pulled out about 8 I know I'm never going to wear so I'm definitely going to share these with someone who will.  Then I noticed I have quite a few really pretty oranges that I just don't wear so I decided to wear orange everyday this week!  Wow! This is going to be SO hard for me because I don't have any orange clothes! OMG I am going to clash every single day this week.  CAN I DO IT?!  I don't know but you'll be along with me for the ride so we both shall see.

The Sunday challenge for the AIS facebook group was tigers yesterday.  Hey tigers are sort of orange so how perfect is that?  After seeing pics of all the way cool true tiger designs I decided I wanted to step outside the box and do something a little different.  I started with a base of Zoya Myrta and Cult Nails Captivated and then enlisted my pink CiCi & SiSi for some stamping
I like this one!  I think it turned out pretty cool
My friend Ana told me it was very Cincinnati Bengals looking!  I might have to utilize this look again for football season!
What do you think when you see it?  Does it say tiger to you or definitely not at all?

How about your orange stash?  How is it looking?  Do you have any real beauties in there that only get love during Halloween?  If so you should haul them out and wear some right now!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fabulous day! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Penguins On Parade!

Hi Everyone!! Woot it's the weekend!!!  I don't have much going on today at all.  I'm doing some cleaning, going through my melmer drawers and weeding out what doesn't get used.  I'm trying to think of some good things to  make for dinner every day this week before heading to the grocery store and I'm coming up lacking.  I'm also thinking of challenging myself to do a week of orange nail polish.  I have a lot of really pretty oranges that quite honestly do not get much wear time!

Today I'm showing off another one of the penguin mani's I did for my ANS group.  I had this idea in my head and had to work with the images I have of penguins, which I found out due to this challenge, I don't really have enough of LOL.  I started with a base of white topped with Red Dog Designs Pop Art Mickey, only I made sure to leave out any of the Mickey glitters, and then I stamped my little penguin parade.
I love Pop Art Mickey because it's like a party on your nails

Here are my little penguins on their parade
I thought about redoing this mani because I didn't like the look of the colored in bellies on the penguins but honestly this mani took me FOREVER so nope it stayed as is
Another cute one from me but it's sort of hard not to do cute when penguins are involved!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Penguin Party!

Hi Everyone!!!! Happy Friday!!!  So glad the weekend is upon us!  I don't have plans to do much at all either.  Sunday I'm going to a wine tasting at my friend Angelika's and I haven't seen her for awhile so I'm really looking forward to that.

I also got in the entire Icing collection from 10.1 Polish and I can't wait to do some mani's with it!  I've seen some great stuff done by Beaching Nails so I just needed these polishes in my life!

This whole week the theme in my advanced nail stamping group on Facebook was penguins.  OMG penguins!  It's really hard to think of some mani's to do with penguins not in a traditional winter setting, which is what I wanted to do because it's summer here LOL!

This is the first one I came up with. Just some cute stamping with BM418 and some CiCi & SiSi
I decal'd the penguins and I think my lil guy on the left looks like he wound end up with a broken nose LOL!
So far for the week I've done 3 penguin mani's.  Challenge ends on Sunday so I'm not sure if I'll do one more or not but I am happy to say none of them have any snow in them!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nail party with my polish besties!

Hi Everyone! Happy Hump Day!  This past weekend I got together with all my polish besties and we did nails all day long!  It was a blast as always.  We have the best time when we do this and always have some great food and lots of laughs in addition to trying out some fun nail designs.

There were two casualties of the day though!  I had a nail break so I had to file down and Dani spilled Orly Miss Conduct on her favorite jeans! UG!  I think she did a great job salvaging those jeans though!

My first design of the day was some Dashica stamping over Zoya Cosmo.  I really do like stamping over the magical pixie dusts
It's really hard to get a good pic of the magical pixie dusts because they are SO sparkly!

This next one turned out to be my favorite of the day--some double stamping with CiCi & SiSi and MoYou Sailor and then a cute little decal to go on top of it!

I did a bit of double stamping as the theme in my Advanced Nail Stamping group was double stamping.  This next one is a sunset gradient with sme Dashica and Cheeky Wild At Heart stamping
I can't belive I'm going to say this but sometimes I think gradients look better on shorter nails than my long ones

Next up I did some stamping with one of my new Marianne plates and added a cute little turtle
And this is when things went south and the corner of my middle finger broke off! UG I had a little patch on it but when you are using so much remover all you can do is pray for the best LOL!

First design featuring my shortie nails is this cool tribal I did with a FUN plate and Cheeky Viva La Mexico
This is also when the sun started to get low so we had to switch to indoor lighting.  Yep we were together for 10 hours!!!

Here's my cute cat mani and for the life of me I cannot remember what plate I used to stamp the cats with!  The cute skelly fish is from CiCi & SiSi though
I used the lovely Nails Inc Warwick Way for this mani and I really love the color!

I also tried my hand at a pond mani for the first time and I just did not like it!  I don't know why.  I think my images are too big and I'd be better off doing some smaller images.  I'm not a fan of jellies at all so I don't know that I'll ever do another pond mani, but I'd like to think I will
What do you think?  Do you think we are crazy to get together and do a mani and then take it off only to do more?  We love getting together and if we can't find the time to do an all day nail-a-thon then we get together for dinner.

I feel so blessed to have found 3 wonderful friends through Facebook of all places that live close to me!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Countries & Cultures--Greece!

Hi Everyone Happy Friday!!  Today is the last day of the great Digit-al Dozen Countries & Cultures week and I'm showcasing Superficially Colorful's Serene with Elevation's Yet's Oceanside Vacation.  I super love both of these polishes and you all know how much I love to stamp over glitters!!  I just felt like these two together had a Mediterranean feel and perfect for this week's challenge.
I love how you can see the glitters through this tile like design
Even more so how the color changes to a darker blue when it's cold!
super beautiful look made easy!

Another great week by the Digit-al Dozen gang! Seriously being so diverse we all come up with totally unique and beautiful designs.  I feel so honored to be part of such a great group of gals!