Monday, April 20, 2015

Know when to stop!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday to all!  I had a great weekend.  I spent all day with my little sister Nel and our grand nephew Sean.   We went to a kids learning and activity fair on Saturday morning and there was so much cool stuff to check out.  Sean is four and loves to dance so we looked at a dance school for him which I think is going to be pretty cool. He also tried his hand at tennis with a real racket and was pretty good.  He loved it!  So lots of fun options ahead for him for sure.

He's got a birthday coming up in June.  Don't tell him but we are buying him a new riding toy!  He has a small motorcycle he has to push with his feet to ride and it's too dang small for him LOL.  His tricycle also too small.  We are going to try to find another motorcycle but are also going to check out a big wheel and a bike.  He wants a Batman cake for his birthday this year too so he's moved on from Spiderman now LOL!  Poor Spidey.

After the fair we went home and played outside for a couple of hours and shot some hoops.  Tee Tee Laurie was a cheerleader though.  I'm too old to be shooting hoops.  After that we went inside to watch the movie Spirit again( for the fifty millionith time) but basically for me that meant nap time!  We had some pizza rolls and pizza for dinner and then it was time to head back home.  Really a great time!

Sunday my son finally caved in to watching a scary movie with me.  I had been trying to get him to watch one with me forever and he's not a huge fan so then naturally he picked one that was super terrifying!  The Babadook.  OMG totally freaky and terrifying.  I stayed up until like 2 am before finally caving in to sleep because I felt like I would have nightmares.  Thankfully it was a restful night's sleep!

Yesterday I played around with some dry marbling.  And I really loved what I did but naturally I messed it up by stamping over it! Curse you Sunday Challenges!

So here's a couple of pictures of the cool drying marbling I did 
If you remembering my bowling ball mani I did the dry marbling the same way by using an old plastic plate sleeve and then just applying stripes of color and working through them with a toothpick
Isn't it cool??? It is! Totally!

Then I stamped over it with FUN13 for the AIS Sunday Challenge--flowers of a different color and it's not as great anymore :(
Lesson learned!
I really do enjoy this dry marbling though.  I'm working on another idea later today and I'm going to play with some of my alcohol inks too!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far!  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood--The King Of Rock n Roll!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday!!  Today I guess I saved the best for last with my childhood mani!

Most people who know me know without any doubt I am an Elvis fan.  I have been one almost my entire life.  As a young girl of seven I fell in love with him for the first time while watching him sing and dance his way into Shelley Fabares heart in the movie Girl Happy.  When all  my friends were into David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, Donny Osmand, and Andy Gibb I was into Elvis.  I have always been into Elvis and will be until the day I die.

 I am lucky enough to have a super friend who happens to be the genius behind Red Dog Designs and when I asked Gina if she could do a couple of custom polishes for me that were Elvis related she said "sure!" and she did an awesome job!  Last year I had her come up with a polish that looked like Elvis' famous eagle jumpsuit.  I named it Elvis Has Left The Building.

I wanted to be try to recreate said famous eagle jumpsuit but my freehand skills are absolute crap so I reached out and asked the wonderful Sheila of The Pointless Cafe if she could a drawing up for me to recreate.  Sheila is amazing, her free hand skills are awesome and even though she was super busy last night she took time out to do a drawing for me I could actually recreate!


So today I have the most awesome mani to show you for my final day of The Digital-al Dozen's childhood week

Here's the famous Elvis eagle jumpsuit I recreated

Oh my goodness be still my heart!  I still heart Elvis after 47 years!!!!

This is the drawing Sheila made for me.  I foolishly felt like I could get it all on one nail LOL!  She told me nope no way and came up with this for me instead

That right there is an original piece by Sheila from The Pointless Cafe people, someday it will be worth millions!

Here's my custom polish from Red Dog Designs--Elvis Has Left The Building
It's an awesome white jelly with red, blue and gold various sized glitters with gold holo stars and micro gold glitters
 I think Gina completely nailed it when she created this polish for me.
I will say this wasn't easy.  I had to use a toothpick to dot with and had to redo the middle finger 4 times.  And in the end my eagle's eye isn't where it should be BUT this is freaking awesome!

What do you all think??  Did I nail it or what?
 Elvis, forever in my heart.

I'm heading over to check out the last day for everyone.  I have to say I really enjoyed this theme a lot!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood--Aquaman!

Hi Everyone!  Do you remember on Monday when I told the story of how my dad had to crush my dreams when he told me Tarzan wasn't real so there wasn't going to be anyone to save me from quick sand or from being mauled by a lion?  Well today is another one of those days!

When I was a young girl I was totally in love with the cartoon Aquaman from The Justice League.  Honestly I think I had something for Atlantis period because I really had a crush on Patrick Duffy in The Man From Atlantis too.  Anyway I really loved Aquaman.  I honestly don't know why because today I can tell you swimming in the ocean absolutely terrifies me.  Cue years ago when I professed my love for Aquaman and talked about getting married to him and my father having to break it to me that cartoons weren't real and you couldn't marry a cartoon.  Cue a young girl's broken heart yet AGAIN!  Jeeze dad cut a girl a break why don't you?

Cue modern day when the news broke my heart throb Jason Momoa was going to be playing Aquaman! OH MY GOD is this fate of what?  I wanted to marry Aquaman and the guy I have a major crush on is going to be Aquaman!  It is fate I tell you!

Today I did a mani based totally on the new improved super hot Aquaman who will played by Jason Momoa--way to go Jason!  I'm pretty excited for the up coming movies and seeing The Justice League in action again--Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman woot those are going to be some good times for sure!

I  based this mani on the picture that's been all over the internet showing Jason as they new Aquaman
OH MY LANTA! Doesn't he look amazing???!!!!
Seriously I can barely stand it!
I used one of my favorite Messy Mansion plates for this MM21 and then did an accent nail with VL1.  I really love how it turned out!
What do you think?  Get out my mani with the new Aquaman pic
What do you think???? Are we thinking this is fate that my man crush is now playing Aquaman??????  Is  my dad shaking his head at me up there in Heaven?  Is Lisa Bonet going to come gunning for me after this?? 

I'm going to pop over and check out my cohorts--they have been nailing it this week!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood--Golden Birthday!

Hi Everyone! Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone has been enjoying our Childhood theme so far this week.  I know I sure have been.  I want to thank those of you commenting on Facebook and Instagram as well as here and letting me know how much you enjoy the story I am giving behind my mani's.  It makes me feel good to know people read what I have on here and not just check out the nails LOL!

On my Golden Birthday which was when I turned 12 my Grandma & Grandpa Welch bought me a purple bowling ball, purple bowling bag and purple bowling shoes.  It was the coolest thing ever!  Back then I was on a bowling league with my sister Lisa and two of our cousins--Debbie and Krissy.  The name of our team was The Kissin' Cousins!!  Oh yeah the girls were nice enough to let me get an Elvis movie name in there BUT since we were cousins it was the best name!  We really had a lot of fun.  I was the best bowler out of all of us and I would continue to bowl for years to come.  But I will never forget how cool it was to get that ball, bag and shoes from my grandparents.  The purple bowling ball was SO cool and had swirls of purple and white in it. 

I wish I still had it but since that was 40 years ago that sucker is long gone. Luckily I remember what it looked like!  After a failed water marble attempt (because hey let's face it what's room temperature water to people in Wisconsin is not room temperature to people in Arizona AND my bottles of polish feel like they've been in the fridge because it's April and I don't care how cold it is outside the heat is not on) I decided to listen to the Oh Wise One Amber from  Nails Like Lace told me to dry marble.  I thought pffft I can't ever get that to work  because it never peels off the  baggie.  But then I decided to try it on one of the  left over plastic sleeves my plates always come in and EUREKA!  Amber is a freaking genius!

So here the are!  My Golden Birthday purple bowling ball nails!
How cool is this????
My hands never touched water!!!!! I didn't have to put on any liquid latex!
I'm not going to lie I did have to wait several hours for it to dry so you could easily peel it up off the plastic BUT it was well worth it!
All I did was paint stripes with the polishes I used a couple of purples and then white.  I took a toothpick after I had as many lines as I wanted on my plastic and I did figure out swirls through the lines.  I waited for it to dry then peeled it off with a tweezers and cut the large sheet into decal size and just applied to my nails.  I smoothed out any wrinkles and then applied my Seche Vite. That's how easy it is!

I'm heading over to check out what everyone else came up with for their 3rd day of Childhood!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood--Mother/Daughter Outfits!

Hi Everyone!  What a beautiful day it is today here in Wisconsin!  It's 55 degrees and sunny.  It reminds me of all of the wonderful times growing up we spent Up North camping or staying at a resort.   My family was very big on vacations but since we didn't have a ton of money they weren't any jetsetting vacations instead  things like camping and staying at a resort for a week.  In the Winter we would go up to Milwaukee for a weekend getaway and stay in a  hotel with a pool.  My parents always did the very best they could to give us kids some great vacations.

My Great Grandma Grove was an excellent seamstress!  She could sew anything!  I have a lot of fond memories as a young girl going to the fabric store with her and my Grandma Welch.  I was the favorite granddaughter and great granddaughter of course.  When we were young my Great Grandma sewed a lot of matching mother/daughter dresses for us.  I'm not sure if my mom was super thrilled or not but again because we didn't have a ton of money my parents were forever grateful for all the things my grandparents did for them.  And if they meant putting on some matching outfits that's what was going to happen LOL.

One of the resorts we went to a few times was the Red Robin Resort.  It wasn't a huge resort but it was a nice little place to go to where we could fish and swim.  I'm pretty sure I spent all my spending money on candy and ice cream the week we were there.  I actually have a great picture of all of us in our matching outfits for one of these trips!  Since I have such fond memories of these times as a young girl my mani today is a shout out to my wonderful grandmas and all their hard work through those many years when we were young and dressed alike

Isn't this a cute mani??? I totally remember the print on our matching dresses looking like this!
I used a base of Sinful Colors Pistache and then stamped with FUN13

Here's the picture I have of us in front of the resort sign!
OMG were'nt we adorable????  Oooh now that I look closer I guess these were jumpers and not dresses! Probably a good thing since I was a tomboy so I'm sure if I was in a dress my underwear would be showing with all the horsing around I used to do.

Here's my mani I think I did pretty good considering it's hard to see the print on this old as hell picture LOL!

In case you were wondering I'm the oldest of us girls so I'm the tallest in the picture after my mom.  Lisa is the middle child and Lynelle the youngest.  Were were adorable??  Did you see how high my mom's hair was?? Yep she hair sprayed that sucker even camping back then!

Here's a lovely collage of my nails with the pic
Man those vacations were some fun times!

I'm heading over to check out if anyone else wore matching outfits when they were little!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood--Monkey See Monkey Do Monday--@cassis_p !!!

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday to all!  This week is Childhood week for the 
Digit-al Dozen.  I'm pretty sure we are going to see lots of different interpretations for this week which is always exciting.   For me I totally looked at this theme as being something that reminds me of my childhood.  How amazing is it that I can finally do a mani I saw Cassis P do awhile ago and have it fit in with this week's theme???


So here's my back story before I post the pics of my mani.  When I was a young girl it was my dream to be a missionary in Africa where I would ride along teaching the African natives all about Jesus in my Winnebago.  I was really into the TV show Tarzan with Ron Ely when I was young so I just knew if anything were to happen to me in the safaris of Africa like a lion trying to eat me or me falling into quick sand I could just call for Tarzan and he would save me.  Enter a young girl's heart crushing when her father had to tell her that Tarzan wasn't real.  I think I was more terrified of slowly drowning in quick sand than the lions attacking so that reality smack had me giving up the missionary life pretty quick.  

Nothing says a father's love like a man having to crush your dreams LOL.  My poor dad you know he just wanted a boy in there somewhere but that didn't happen.

I have fond memories of the time I wanted to drive around in my Winnebago in Africa though and really did love watching Tarzan as a young girl.  I'm sure it had a lot to do with the fact Cheetah was super cool and who didn't want a monkey as a pet when they were a kid???

My mani today is a Safari silhouette with a huge shout out to Cassis P on both youtube and instagram for being the brilliant one to come up with this way cool effect!

This was definitely a labor intensive mani as you have to use the decal method and believe it or not this is just black stamping over white and then some sheer jellies sponged over it to give it color!
I followed Cassis' tutorial on youtube and it was actually really easy to do.  If you haven't seen her tutorial you can find it HERE

I've got an ostrich on my thumb!
MoYou Explorer 23 plate has some really awesome Safari images I'm sure I will use this plate often
Getting my gorgeous Safari colors was really easy with the sheer jellies from 10.1 Polish too.

Here's a picture of the mani Cassis did and the one I fell in love with when she first posted it 

So there you have it, day 1 of the Digit-al Dozen Does Childhood for me a reminder of the time in my young life when I wanted to cruise around in Africa and hopefully being saved by Tarzan. 

I'm going to head over and see what my fab friends came up with for Childhood week!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

We Are Mauna Kea

Hi Everyone!  Happy Sunday!  I consider myself very lucky to live in Wisconsin.  As far as beauty goes it is a truly lovely state.  There are still farm lands to see and corn fields to walk through. Up North in Wisconsin you'll find some of the most beautiful lakes and forests and the bluffs near the Minnesota border will leave you speechless.  While I was born and raised here my heritage is not of the indigenous people of Wisconsin.  I am actually German, Scottish, Irish and English.  I have absolutely no Native American roots.  I can say I'm not happy any time History is involved with the indigenous people of the United States.  Learning your "free" country came because of the destruction of those who were here first does not leave a good feeling in me.

I'm sure many of you know I have a huge crush on Jason Momoa from Game Of Thrones and The Red Road and in addition to crushing on his fine form I also follow him on IG.  Pride Of Gypsies has been sharing a lot of news regarding the recent events happening in Hawaii at Mauna Kea.  

Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii and it is one million years old.  In Hawaiian Mythology the peaks of Hawaii are sacred and Mauna Kea, which means white mountain, is the most sacred of all.  In ancient times only only high ranking tribal chiefs were allowed to visit the peak of Mauna Kea.  Those living on its base relied on it's vast forests for food and they quarried at flanks to use the hard stone for tools.   The introduction of settlers from overseas with their animals and disregard for the island itself started to damage the mountain's ecology.

Fast forward to the age of the modern man who seems so much more interested in learning about life on other planets that in the process damages his own Earth and has little regard to the destruction he leaves in his path.  Currently scientists are trying to build yet another telescope on the peak of Mauna Kea.  This telescope when finished will be the largest telescope ever built.  

At what cost should man "reach for the stars"?  Mauna Kea is sacred land to the native people of Hawaii.  How would you feel about someone coming in and tearing down your church or your mosque or your synagogue?  Why does man always think it's his right to go to a place already inhabit by others and take it for his own?  There are already several telescopes on Mauna Kea--why do we need one more??

It's simple--I don't.  I don't believe we need one more.  I believe mankind needs to stop searching for answers out there in the vast universe and get under control the many problems facing him in his own world--Earth.  Earth in it's beauty that includes the peaks of Mauna Kea.  

After reading several pieces of literature and following the news reports as well as Pride Of Gypsies posts on Instagram I support this cause.  Living here in Wisconsin there isn't much I can do.  But I did do what I could.  I signed the petition which you can find HERE  And I donated what I could to to make it visible to others.   

I hope the Governor of Hawaii takes notice and takes to heart what he is really doing by allowing TMT to build this telescope.  I hope scientists all around the world understand why it's wrong to destroy what we already have in front of us to search for something beyond our reach.

My mani today shows my support--We Are Mauna Kea

Hawaiian tribal art today thinking of the ancestors of the beautiful island of Hawaii
My turtle symbolizes long life and at more than one million years old Mauna Kea was here long before us and should be revered

It's time for the world to stop what they are doing and take a look around.  What you see before you will not last until we do something to keep our Mother Earth healthy.  It does us no good to search for something out there when we are already ruining the wonderful planet we already live on

From my heart in Wisconsin to the native people of Hawaii--Aloha!