Monday, January 23, 2012

Team Dyan AND Challenge Mani!!! Two for the price of one!!!

Hi Readers!  I have two challenges for the price of one today!  I have a sweet friend Brenda who's daughter Dyan suffered a brain trauma so a few of us are getting together to create some mani's for her.  Brenda told us some of Dyan's favorites such as color, band, football team and what not so we decided to make an album for her of all the mani's we did in her honor.  And I always have my Sunday Challenge from the Facebook Group Adventures in Stamping.  I decided to combine the two and see what happened. I'm so glad I did because it turned out great!  I wore this mani over to my family's birthday celebration and both my mom and sister loved it!  In my family we are either Virgo's or Aquarian's lol!  My dad is Jan 27th, my little sister is Jan 31st and I'm Feb 12th so it's the Aquarian's turn hahahahah.  I also have a nephew who is Jan 16th so we had a lot of birthdays to celebrate.
Before I show you the mani I did, I want to show you the nail polish jewelry I made for my little sister.  I think you'll recognize it!
I made ring, earrings and pendant for her based on my stained glass mani.  She really loved them and I think they turned out real nice.  I need to make a ring like this for me too!  Check out how pretty the ring is!!!
Ok now onto the mani!  The challenge for this Sunday was stars and I immediately thought of my friend's daughter and how far she's come!  She was in a coma and the doctor's said she would not recover.  Today Dyan is walking and talking but still has a long way to go.  But I wanted to incorporate this stars mani for her and tell her to keep reaching for the stars!  Her favorite color is blue so you know I had to pull out my Starry Starry Night franken dupe, Natural Law.  Check out how great this mani turned out!
Close Up!
You can see some of the silver sparkles in Natural Law here!  I love it!
Now flash
And close up flash!
The camera man offered to assist tonight BUT he was a little inebriated so alot of those pics didn't turn out lol!  Here's the best one of the bunch
I really love how this mani turned out!  I looked through my plates and used as many of the stars images I could find.  I stamped with Sally Hansen Gold, Silver and Blue Chrome pens and also did the middle finger with Nic Stick's Silver Ella.  

I feel I accomplished a lot with this mani--I hope Dyan will see it and keep reaching for the stars--she still has a long way to go but she's come so far, I believe it is within her reach. 

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!