Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stained Glass Elegance

Hi Readers!  Sometimes we find beauty in the darkest of times.  I was at a funeral on Monday night for my friend Sue's, mom.  Sue was my next door neighbor growing up.  Her mom lived a long life, she passed away at 84 and had lived the past 6 years without her husband so while I feel sad I find so much comfort knowing she and her husband are together again.
Sitting in the throng of those coming to pay their respects and give condolences I looked around the church and spied so many beautiful stained glass designs.  I wanted to recreate some of what I'd seen so I came home and did a search on stained glass and then stained glass mani's but nothing was really jumping out at me.  Then I remembered seeing Enamel Girl's holiday mani's and she had one that reminded me of stained glass.  She has such fantastic ideas and she can throw you for a loop readers because sometimes she's using foils and not stamping and sometimes SHE STAMPS ON FOIL!  Yes that's right stamps on foil!  The mani I wanted to recreate for my stained glass look is here.  

I did one coat of WetnWild Black Creme.  For the metallics I used 3 Funky Fingers Zeppelin, Monster Ballad, and Platinum Record--icy blue, hot pink and gold.  I just blobbed them randomly over SH22 using the petal image
Here it is with flash
Close up right hand!!!!

I loved doing this mani and I really liked this Shany plate image too.  I plan on using it again with some different color combinations.  I really like the stained glass idea and definitely will be working on some more stained glass nails again in the future.

So from a sad day I was able to go home and find something beautiful to recreate that made me happy.  How about you readers how you ever found inspiration where you least expected it?  


  1. Love this, very elegant looking!

  2. This manicure looks very nice. I love the colors you used.

  3. Thanks ladies I have to say I LOVED this mani! I'm going to try it again using a white underwear and then aquas and greens!

  4. Laurie, this is awesome! I think I may have to try this!

  5. How do you get one color not to spread over the other color when you scrape off the excess?