Friday, January 6, 2012

Franken Friday!

Hi Readers!  In my small nail polish community I'm often referred to as the Franken Queen.  Honestly I'm not deserving of the title but I think it's sweet they call me that.  Today I'm not featuring one of my frankens though.  Instead I'm featuring a franken made by my friend Tara who's blog is Tough As Nails and Twice as Pretty and can be found here. Tara made what I consider to be one of the most gorgeous holographic frankens I have ever seen.  That's right that I HAVE EVER SEEN! When she first posted pics of it I about died and immediately negotiated a swap for it!  She thinks she got a good deal swapping me my Oops I Did It Again which is a Grape Crush Dupe and a nail polish ring I made for her with OPI DS Original.  I know I got the better end of this swap for sure!  She named this franken Carlos Rossi Wine Jug.  I've never had any Carlos Rossi wine but I sure love wearing him on my nails!

Look at this beauty!
I love a claret holo so much!  Holo's don't have to be fun and summery!

And because we all know I HAVE to stamp I pulled out the big guns and went for my Sally Hansen Prism in Golden Cinnabar.  I stamped with Konad m65.The effect was awesome!
And back to flash to show the holo with the stamping
I love the Sally Hansen Prisms.  Did you know Sally Hansen was the first to come out with holographic polish?  The duochromatic Prisms are unequaled in my opinion.

And because I really did make out like a bandit in my swap with the lovely Tara here's a picture of all the goodies I got from her.  Check out the Elvis mug she sent me!  I love Elvis and all my friends know it, wasn't it super sweet of her to send it???!!!!

How about you readers--do you have friends who franken?  If so what's your favorite franken you've got from them?


  1. You are my franken friend! Lol. Gorgeous mani. I think your stamping paring is perfect.

  2. This is super pretty and I love the stamping.

  3. Goodness that looks yummy. I agree that you got the better part of that deal!

  4. Jenn I kept telling her that about the swap and she doesn't believe me lol! I actually got 3 little frankens from Tara and I haven't worn the other 2 yet! One of them is a delicious green holo so I'm sure I'll be featuring that one real soon!

  5. you can't ask me to pick my favorite franken from you! oh my, i have so many and i love them all!

  6. Hi! I have a stamping question (it's kind of silly, but I really can't figure this out!)- I think I have pretty normal sized thumbs, but none of the plates I have seem to cover. What's your secret?

  7. Hillel sometimes when I stamp my thumbs I leave edges along the side and focus on getting it centered so it's not as noticeable. My left thumb takes images pretty well but I have to stamp again on my right thumb.