Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Animalistic Week--Blue Poisonous Dart Frog!

Hi Readers!  Welcome to day two of Animalistic Week!  Today's animal isn't technically an animal and it's amphibian BUT since he makes for a cute as heck mani he's in! Today is poisonous dart frog--blue!  

Some facts about the poisonous dart frogs are: they are tiny! sometimes not even a full inch in length.  They are good parents and often lug newly hatched tadpoles up from the rain forest floor into the canopy and into pools of water that form in the plants up there.  Women outnumber the men in poisonous dart frog country aka South America and they fight often over territory. The most poisonous of the dart frogs is the golden and it has enough toxins to kill up to 20 adult men!

Have no fear readers my mani is the blue frog not nearly as poisonous lol!  For this mani I used OPI Suzy Says Feng Shui and Just Groovy.  I also used Hard Candy Sky.  I painted Suzy as a basecolor then I sponged on Just Groovy down the center and sponged Sky on over that.  No stamping here either ladies this baby is ALL free hand!  Looking at pics of blue frogs I dotted using WetnWild Black Creme accordingly

Here it is with flash

Side by side comparison--how'd I do????
Now I actually cannot take total credit for this mani!  My dear friend Sarah (Chalkboard Nails), who yes, sometimes lovingly refers to me as jerk, first did this mani during a challenge.  I loved it and thought I needed to do one too.  I'm sure mine is better--won't you please stop by and let her know lol

Okay day two is over I like this one better than day one--how about you?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. i love how the blues turned out!

  2. Whoa!! Never heard of that frog before. Scary!!

    Love the mani though! Great job doing it free hand. Mine would not come out so nicely!!

  3. OK, you have a new fan. Snakes and poison dart frogs? I think I need to try this one but probably need either the new neon green CG or a green holo before i can try it, wouldn't you agree ;)