Sunday, January 15, 2012

Animalistic Week--Cheetah or Leopard or Leopard or Cheetah!

Hi Readers!  Well some bad news--almost fate worse than death to a new blogger--my camera broke!  Yep looks like the shutter is stuck.  I've got a birthday coming up so i'm asking for a new one, in the meantime I'm going to do the best I can with my photo program.  The flash pics don't look too bad but holy cow the outdoor/non flash pics are blindingly white AND cruddy!  I hope you'll all bear with me for a few weeks.

Ok so here's the news on War Horse which I saw with my mom yesterday--fantastic BUT a bawlfest!  I was crying 10 minutes into the movie lol!  It was a wonderful story though and the cinematography was incredible.  If you love sweeping epics and movies that tug at your heart strings I highly recommend it.

And now for our Animalistic Week--is it cheetah or leopard, leopard or cheetah??? IT'S BOTH!
True story readers someone had me convinced the cheetah and leopard were really the same animal we just call them different names.  I really was believing this for about a week UNTIL I thought to myself I really think he means the cougar and mountain lion are the same.  So naturally I looked it up and YEP cougar and mountain lion are the same animal BUT the cheetah and the leopard are not!

So first up lets do the mani's.  This is mani--cheetah
This is as fixed as I can get it! Sorry!!!
Here it is with flash, flash seems to work better
Next up lets look at mani--leopard!
And here it is with flash
They both look really similar!  BUT just like the real cheetah and leopard their spots are different.  A cheetah doesn't have any opening in it's spots and they are a solid color.  The leopard has multi colors in it's spots which are really called rosettes!
To do both of these mani's I used an underwear of Zoya Pasha followed by 3 coats of Sinful Color's All About U (which is a FANTASTIC gold glass fleck polish) For the cheetah I simply stamped with Kleancolor Black using BM211.  For the leopard I went a bit further after stamping with Kleancolor Black using Konad M57 I took some OPI Brisbane Bronze and filled it the open spots.
Let's look at a side by side of this manis
Now lets look and a side by side pic of a cheetah and a leopard animal!
How'd I do???

Here are our cheetah and leopard facts: Cheetahs are the fastest in the big cat group and can run up to 70 miles per hour, which is faster than any other animal. Cheetahs have what's known as "tear" tracks that run down the corners of each eye and around the nose and mouth this actually serves as anti-glare during daytime hunting.  The cheetah has non retractable claws.  Cheetahs cannot roar like a lion or tiger but they do purr.  Next up Leopard--the leopard is pound for pound the strongest climber of all the big cats.  The rosettes or spots of the East African leopard are round while in South African leopards they are square.  The leopard can both roar and purr.  It marks it territory by leaving claw marks in trees.  The leopard has many prey to choose from; antelope, monkeys, baboons, warthogs, rodents and hares but only one predator--man.
Here are a couple of cheetah pictures I found
You can really see the "tear" markings there.
Here is a cheetah running full out! Look at the stretch he has!!
Here's a leopard!! King of his kingdom!
If you look closely at the leopard you can see the different colors in his spots and also that it is not closed.

Just for fun here's a picture of leopard nail polish ring I've made for a few people!
Well readers this concludes our Animalistic Week!  I know I had a lot of fun doing these manis and looking up the fun facts.  I hope you enjoyed them too!  I'd have to say my favorite mani of the whole week was Tiger though--how about you?

Again I'd like to say I'm sorry about the quality of these pictures!  I hope you'll bear with me for awhile until I can get a new camera!


  1. Underwear... ha ha! That made me laugh. I'm happy to actually know the difference between the two.

    I'll probably have to watch War Horse by myself. I'm super tenderhearted when it comes to animals.

  2. I love both, and I love how you added educational info about the animals that inspired the nail art.