Monday, January 9, 2012

Animalistic Week--Giraffe!!

Hi Readers!  My blog is a week old today whoo hoo!  Not sure how or why this came to me, it might have been while searching through all my Bundle Monster plates, but I thought an animalistic week would be good featuring the many animal print designs Bundle Monster has on their plates.
Well I think this is going to be a you win some and you lose some week lol!

Today's animal is giraffe.  What a strange animal---soooooo tall! Can you imagine a sore throat in a giraffe??? Some giraffe facts are: they can be 20 feet tall with their neck being anywhere from 5 to 7 feet long!  An adult male can weigh 2600lbs!  They actually use their necks to fight and a pregnant giraffe gives birth while standing up! Whoa poor baby giraffe having to fall so far just to get born!

Okay onto the mani.  I chose China Glaze Trendsetter for two reasons the first one being it was yellow and I thought it would be good for the mani and the second reason was because it's an untried of mine!  Yes  I have more untrieds than trieds!

Here are a couple of China Glaze Trendsetter before stamping--with flash
This is what I call a pretty "ugly" color.  It reminds me of baby poo--sorry but it's true.

Here it is without flash
Yikes what a difference between the two!  Still rocking that pretty "ugly" color though
To stamp the giraffe image I used BM215 and stamped with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Coco A Gogo

Here it is with flash--not a fan of this pic at all

My friend Marcy actually WENT to Africa!  I'm so jealous!  When I was a young girl it was my dream to be a missionary in Africa and ride around in my Winnebago.  I figured if I fell in quick sand or was about to be eaten by a tiger Tarzan would save me.  My dad had to break a little girls heart by telling her Tarzan wasn't real :(  Thanks alot Dad!  

Anyway here's a side by side of my mani and Marcy's giraffe
Close but definitely no cigar!
I also ran across this adorable picture here
How cute is that????? ADORBS!
So that's day one of animalistic week!  Not a mani I love but not one I hate.  I do like Trendsetter though so I'm glad I finally dusted that off and put it on.

Thanks for stopping by I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Pretty mani!! LOL @ the giraffe having a sore throat. I've seen giraffes fight on YouTube before, it was actually kind of scary. They hit really hard with those necks of theirs.

  2. Your manicure looks so cute! I love it! And that baby giraffe is so freaking adorable!

  3. I love this! I studied abroad in South Africa two summers ago and the the giraffes down there are actually less orangey and more dark brown. And so are the zebras! I thought that was pretty cool. Your mani brought back good memories :)

    Plus, this is the first mani I've seen yet that I actually LIKE Trendsetter. You have my undying respect for that fact alone ;)

  4. omg!! this is so damn cute!!! =)

  5. love this!! the giraffes are soooo cute!! i seen them for the first time at the zoo last year! pretty bad 28 years old and first time at the zoo hahaha

  6. these are the perfect giraffe colors! i love it! i didnt have the right colors so do this a while ago. i may write these down and get them! Laurie, you rock!

  7. Aww I love giraffes! This is so perfect!