Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Animalistic Week--Snake!!!!

Hi Readers!  Here we are on hump day of Animalistic Week--I wonder what's in store for us!  Ok here it is--today is sssssssssssnake!

Hmmmm how do you feel about snakes?  I think I have a love/hate relationship with them.  They really get a bad rap I know BUT they are kind of creepy!  They both fascinate and scare the bahjeebs out of me.

Here are some snake facts: unlike regular teeth a snake's teeth are hollow.  If a snake did eat a human it wouldn't have to eat again for a year--YIKES!  The Black Mamba is not only one of the deadliest of the poisonous snakes it's also really fast and can travel up to 12 miles an hour.  A rattlesnake can still bite you AFTER it's dead!!!  It's heat sensors remain active until rigor mortis sets in--WOW!

Okay onto the mani!  I actually did 2 mani's for this design--why because it's just that awesome of a design!

First up the green temple snake
Here it is with flash
Here's a pic I found of a green viper snake--how'd I do in comparison with the mani???
Before doing this mani I asked a few of my nail polish friends which one would be better the green viper or a metallic look.  It was sort of undecided so I thought why not just do both??  
I didn't really have a snake in mind for this mani.  I just liked the color combo
Here it is with flash (check out how my index finger flails out when I try to take pics of my right hand!)
It sort of looks like the bullsnake (I lived in Texas where these babies reside!)
I had the camera man around when both hands were done so I enlisted his help in getting a pic.  It didn't go well!  I guess men just do not understand the whole "nail" thing.
For those of you wanting to recreate these looks here are the polishes I used
For the green temple viper I used Revlon Emerald City matte suede and China Glaze Cha Cha Cha.  Both of these polishes are gorgeous and like all matte's Emerald City really came to life with topcoat.  Because I really needed the black to show up over the dark green I did use Konad Black to stamp with
For the metallic mani I used Hard Candy Mushroom and China Glaze, Adore, Harmony and Emotion.
Both of these mani's were done using BM215

While I might be afraid of snakes I don't mind wearing them on my nails at all!  Some other fantastic snakeskin mani's I've seen have been by Once Bitten, my internet daughter Rebecca Likes Nails, Chalkboard Nails (Sarah used tulle to do hers and it ROCKED, and Nailasaurus

How about you readers? Are there any snakeskin mani's you've seen and really loved?  If you didn't like snakes before how do you feel about them now?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope everyone has a fantastic day!


  1. I believe I've only seen the ones you mentioned. Yours came out great!!

    Btw, your facts about snakes, make me terrified even more :-/

  2. so gorgeous!!! =)

  3. MariJo when I read about the rattlesnake still being able to bite after being dead I was shocked! We have rattlesnakes here in Wisconsin too! I will admit though I've never seen one thank goodness!

  4. now following - but you scared the crap out of me with the snake photo lol - i hate them and literally jumped back in my chair !! ha ha xx

  5. Rest assured it's just a picture Debbie lol!!!!!!!

  6. i love that you did 2 different snake patterns!!

    1. Thanks Jacki! I was just too torn between which one I should do so I just did them both lol!

  7. OMG i love this!! i need to do a snake mani! if only they had a purple or pink snake!

  8. These are both awesome, I really LOVE the green one!

  9. I love the green snake skin! really stands out very well!

  10. I'm afraid of snakes since I was little (they just give me the shivers - and the rattlesnake "fact" is freaking scary to me) but I really like your snakeskin manis!

  11. I love thissssss. I'm partial to snakes and snake manis. :)