Monday, January 30, 2012

My humble apology magnetic nail polish!

Hi Readers!  I'm here today with a humble apology to magnetic nail polish.  A few months ago when it was first hitting the shelves I had a few friends saying oooh these are so cool you should try these--do you want me to get you a couple?  And I said no they don't really do anything for me.  Then a few months went by and I hear China Glaze is coming up with magnetics and I start to feel like I'm getting sucked in AND then I see this post from nailXchange and BAM I'm blown out of the water!  I say to myself stamping and magnetic polish are you kidding me???!  I've admired her a long time but I sort of wanted to marry her after that post.  So here I am today with a humble apology to magnetic nail polish.  I'm sorry for ever doubting you!
My wonderful friend Lori gets me stuff all the time--I'll get texts from her saying I'm at so and so and do you want me to pick this up for you?  Icing is one of those stores I just don't want to go to.  I'm sorry readers but it's a 40 minute drive to the Icing store and then I'm fighting mall traffic and I just do not want to do it.  Lucky for me Lori doesn't feel the same way lol!  She picked me up the raspberry and olive green Magnetix polishes from there and I LOVE THEM!  I had 100 percent planned to stamp on this one but nope I just couldn't do it.  The first one I decided to try is the raspberry colored one.  Check it out!
This is a shot I actually took in bed last night lol!  The low light from the lamp beside my bed really lit up the polish so I took a few pics--this is just so gorgeous to me!
Here's another one look at all that sparkle!
I just cannot get enough of the this polish!
I feel SO bad for ever doubting it, I really hope it can forgive me.
This is what I love about it--it looks like nail art on your nails but you don't even have to do anything!  You simply hold the magnet above the polish and the design forms--I even went as far as to say I may never stamp again lol!  Don't worry I'm sure by tomorrow I won't be feeling that way lol!

Here's the only pic I got of it in natural light indoor light--harder to see the shimmer but still really pretty

Here's ring I made with the gold/olive green one.  It turned out great!
How are you feeling about this magnetic polishes readers?? Are you on board with them, definitely not into them, or owing them an apology???

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. I love magnetic polish! The ring especially looks amazing!

  2. It looks great on you Laurie, but everything does. I have no interest in the magnetics but I may change my mind also.