Monday, January 16, 2012

I cried a thousand tears!

Dear Green Bay Packers where the H were you today????? SERIOUSLY!  Hi Readers as you can see my heart is broken over the devastating loss to the Giants yesterday!! I mean Eli Manning and The Giants are you kidding me???!  UG!
I started off with a great mani in my opinion, a nice forest green and a metallic yellow but I guess me doing my part with an incredible mani wasn't enough for them.
Here it is readers you be the judge!
Here it is with flash
Close up!
To get this look I painted my nails with Revlon Emerald City which is a matte but is such a rich green when you put a topcoat on it!  I stamped with Shany plate SH22 using Kleancolor Metallic Yellow and man it's a simple yet pretty mani.

Even though the Packers lost the game yesterday they had a fantastic season! Records were broken this year.  Donald Driver (my favorite Packer) became the all time receiver for the Packers when he surpassed James Lofton's career yards of 9,656.  Also this year Aaron Rogers became the first quarterback in NFL history to have 400 yards passing, 4 passing touchdowns and 2 rushing touchdowns in one game which was against the Broncos on October 2nd. All that talk of Brett Favre died down rather quickly when the very humble Aaron Rogers stepped in to lead the team.  All in all it was a fantastic season and I look forward to next year!

How about you readers?  Are you football fans?  Who's your team?  Did you play fantasy football this year?  I did and I had a blast and can't wait til next year!!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Lol I don't follow sports, but it is nice to know another blogger from my neck of the woods :) I'm in West Allis.

    1. Raeven I'm in Racine!!!! We are neighbors!! Are you blogging Raeven?? If yes please link me!