Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Double the fun!

Hi Readers!   I hope you're all doing well on this "hump" day.  Today I'm featuring a lovely mani I finally got around to trying it after seeing it almost a year ago here. I won't lie, when the shatter/crackle polishes first came out I was not on the bandwagon.  But after I saw this mani done with Shatter AND stamping I was like, whoa this is gorgeous!  Of course my nails aren't as lovely and as long as Holiday's but I still think I was able to capture the beauty of this design.  
For this mani I used OPI Designer De Better, which is one of the most gorgeous foils I've ever seen, and OPI Black Shatter.  I stamped on a slant the free edge of the nail with BM203 and then applied the shatter on the  unstamped area of the nail.

Here is it natural light
And here it is with flash--I love how shimmery it is with flash!
Close up!  My friends told me they thought this looked like an old Grecian Urn--I think they might be right!
How do you feel about the Shatter/Crackle polishes?  Are you so over them, or still loving them?  


  1. I like Shatter! And this is absolutely lovely.

  2. What a beauty!!!! Laurie this is very beautiful!

  3. Wow Laurie! Great job! I want to try something like this. Oh wait, I suck at stamping lmao!

  4. o.O stunning just stunning Laurie

  5. Thanks ladies! I'd like to try this look again using silver!

  6. I found your blog today and nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award, you can see it here...