Saturday, January 14, 2012

Animalistic Week--Zebra!

Hi Readers!!!  Welcome to the weekend!  Anyone have anything exciting going on this weekend?  My mom and I are going to see War Horse today and it's the Packers vs The Giants on Sunday.  I'm not an Eli Manning fan AT ALL so I will cry a zillion tears if we cannot crush him to the ground on Sunday.  On the plus side I'll be at my little sister's enjoying the game and time with family is always a good time!

Okay so lets see what's today is in Animalistic Week . . . it's Zebra!  Here are our zebra facts for the day: just like the tiger a zebra's stripes are unique and no two zebras have the same stripe pattern.  Zebras are not solitary animals and live in herds. Zebras are loyal to their family and if a zebra is wounded by a lion or tiger the other zebras in the family will come to it's aid by circling it and trying to drive off the predator.  Zebras live up to 25 years and are about as tall as a 6 foot man.

Now onto the mani.  Instead of just a straight forward black and white zebra I wanted to change it up a bit and went for a gradient look.  I did a base color of another cast off polish from the same gal casting off the Misslyn Black Petrol (WHICH I FOUND OUT IS NOW DISCONTINUED AND THEREFORE RARE AND HTF!) Woot!! One man's treasure truly is another man's trash! Okay ANYWAY I did a base color of Hema 42--no name on this polish.  It's like a creamy silvery white to me though.  Then I sponged on LA Colors Color Craze Live on a slant about 3/4 up on the nail.  Live is a really pretty silver metallic and hey you can't go wrong spending a buck on this polish!  Next up I sponged OPI Lucerntainly Look Marvelous about 1/4 up on the nail then finished it by stamping with Kleancolor Black using BM223.
Here it is with flash

I love this shot I took holding on to Lucerntainly Look Marvelous
I really wound up loving this mani.  I like that  it's not as stark as a black and white mani.
Here are the polishes I used to do it
So how'd I do?? Let's look at a side by side comparison
I got my zebra pic from my friend Marcy!  I didn't notice until today he was definitely rated X instead of G lol!!!  Some things are better left to the imagination trust me on this readers!!
Just for kicks here's a funny zebra pic!

Well that's it for Animalistic Week--zebra!  I'll have to report back tomorrow on how hard I bawled my head off during War Horse!


  1. Very good job!!!Love the pic :)

  2. I LOVE the slanted sponging <3 it gives it a nice edge! Great job doll!

  3. I love this mani! Awesome! Go Pack Go!

  4. Beautiful tee hee dirty zebra lol

  5. Really classy look! Beautiful as always!

  6. I'm stunned!! This zebra look on your nails is totally georgeous!! +i love the form of your nails, mine would never grow that long! If you want to, you can have a look to my new blog: