Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jewelry for your nails!

Hi readers!  Today I've decided to highlight jewelry for your nails--and by this I mean nail polish of course!  I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way or not but I wasn't all that excited when Cult Nails came up with the whole "Unicorn Puke" limited edition number bottles.  Honestly I'm not going to wear anything with "puke" in the title on my nails.  BUT Clairvoyant I can definitely "do".  Clairvoyant is a truly gorgeous multi colored flakie polish with a hint of purple.  I was lucky enough to get it on the Black Friday sale for less than $10!!!  Maria does a truly fantastic job creating some gorgeous colors if you haven't ever ordered from them before or have never seen the colors they offer you can check them out here.

Here I have two layers of Clairvoyant over the lovely OPI Ink
Here's a picture of it with flash because I always like to take pictures in light or with the flash as it does change the appearance of the polish
Isn't it just gorgeous???  I usually stamp my mani's but this is so pretty it needs nothing more!

I also make nail polish jewelry so I made some pieces using Clairvoyant
I'm not sure what I was thinking when I set these pieces on my rocking chair to snap a pic of so please excuse the colored background lol!

I tried to get a picture of me showing off my ring with the my mani but it's a bit dark, still I love having a matching ring for my manicure!

And last but not least is my favorite pic of me and Clairvoyant!  My nail polish buddy Crystal and I were both so excited to get Clairvoyant that we were doing the count down to who's going to get it in the mail first.  We decided we would wear it on the same day with the same underwear.  She got hers a day before I did but waited for me to wear hers--wasn't she sweet????.  Here is our picture--the Clairvoyant Wonder Twins!

How do you feel readers?  Did you get one of the limited edition bottles of Unicorn Puke or did you get the lovely and "normal" named Clairvoyant?  Or are you checking out Maria's site right now to get a bottle of this gorgeous polish?


  1. Ahh, Clairvoyant... I need to pull this one out again soon!! <3 Wonder Twins ;)

  2. I love the wondertwins lol to cute me and my polish bestie were pretty excited about le puke

  3. Destany you worked so hard for that ring too lol!

  4. Love love love this polish! I got UP, I couldn't resist!