Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sweet treats!

Hi Everyone!  OMG I cannot believe how crazy busy it is at work right now.  Today alone we sent out 22,000 packages! Of pastries!  Unbelievable!  I guess you really take for granted being able to go to the bakery whenever you want for a kringle lol!  Things will start winding down soon and I'll be on to another assignment after this one--hopefully something permanent in my near future.

I did this mani last night and I just loved it!  I am absolutely loving Wocka Wocka--it might be my good to red from now on--oh oh better get another bottle of it fast lol!

My friend Michelle made a polish for me that I call Sissy Pants, it's what I used for the half moon in my half moon mani and then I topped it with OPI's Wocka Wocka, check out how cool it looks

Sissy Pants is a pale pink with white, pink and different colored green glitter in it.  It's a private joke between us AND it sort of remind me of the ribbon candy my grandma used to have at her house.  

I am not a fan of where the half moon smeared on thumbie though!

But this is a pretty cool look if I do say so myself

I also love how the half moon look makes my nails look longer!  I had a break in the pinkie so I had to file down, which hacked me off!

Now look at the cool stamping I did over this half moon design

OMG YAY!  Isn't this just too cute?!

I just love, love, LOVE how this turned out!

Definitely ribbon candyish or peppermint candyish now!

I stamped using the tip image from RA-110

Which do you like better?  Before the stamping or after?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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