Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Hi Everyone!  Happy Wednesday!  I have today a little Christmas tree mani which is nice in the fact it's the only Christmas tree I'll have in my house so to speak.  I believe once you become a cat owner your days of having a Christmas tree are over!  We haven't put one up in over 10 years.  I learned the lesson the hard way cats and Christmas trees just do not mix.  Being woken in the early morning aka 3am to the sound of your tree crashing into your television more than once is really a buzz kill.  And now having not one but 2 kittens in the house there was just no way I was going to attempt it with them.

I tried the best I could to do a tape mani for them using masking tape but my swear finger just looks like a mutant Christmas tree to me lol!

I had a super hard time taking a picture of this mani as I used the lovely OPI Designer DeBetter for the base and it's just too blingy lol!  This is a picture I took of it in shade and you can see all the little glitters I applied to the tree from WetnWild Part of Five.  The Christmas tree itself is Orly's Meet Me Under The Mistletoe which is a gorgeous glass fleck green.  I'm planning on doing a gradient with it and Zoya Suvi later this week, I sure hope it turns out how I want it too!

Here's a pic under the light to show how sparkly it is, but really it's hard to see the glitter details I think

Still no snow here in Racine, Wisconsin!  Usually we don't complain about that but we really should have some snow for Christmas!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed we get some soon.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. I love it! So sparkly!

    I know what you mean about cats and trees! I used to get up in the morning and find a pair of eyes staring at me from inside the tree, my cat had climbed 1/2 way up the tree and got stuck. :)