Monday, February 27, 2012

Wavy Gravy!

Hi Readers!  Since it's winter here in Wisconsin it's too cold for ice cream so this wavy gravy will have to be something else!  How about a delicious magnetic manicure?!!!  I'm really loving all my magnetic polishes so far and this one is simply stunning!  A gorgeous dark vampy wine!
For $5 a bottle these Nabi's are really nice.  The only downside to them is they smell awful!  Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter doesn't even help!  Oh well the price of  beauty is well worth the stink!
As you can see on my swear finger aka middle I touched the magnet to the polish and I used the magnet from one of my Icing's for this as the chevron design on the Nabi's doesn't wrap around enough on my curved nails.

Here's a nice close up though--so dark and vampy I just love it!
I tried to live with the mess up not bothering me but it was! SO I decided to haul out my Brett Favre franken and do some covering up
Brett Favre is a franken I made intending the old Mardi Gras look green, gold, purple.  My first attempt at it I did not like and I said "ug this is so ugly only a Minnesota Viking's fan would like it"  since if was a fail and since I'm a Packer fan and you don't screw with the Packers by signing with the Vikings and did I mention it was ugly and huge fail so I named it Brett Favre! Not accepting defeat I went in and revamped it and then loved it.  I decided to stick with the name though lol!
Here's a bottle shot of Brett Favre
He's a mix of micro green, gold and purple glitters and then some large gold hexes.
I like this glitter tips look with the magnetic polish!
Here's a pic of the polishes I used--pretty straightforward lol!
How do you feel about these magnetic polishes readers??  Do you love them, hate them or are you over them--OR do you need them all like me and my friend Amy from I'm Feeling Nail Venterous?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Actually I picked three of these yesterday and I'm loving them. I think they have some beautiful colors, I'm planning to go back and get more.
    I love your swatches!

    1. Carolina I have 10 of the Nabi's and I'm not even ashamed to say it!!

  2. your nails look like purple smoke! that is so cool.

  3. These look pretty! too bad we don't have these here.

  4. I love them!!!! Its like a quick easy nail art cheat!!!! I get so many compliments when I wear my magnetics

  5. Living in Wisconsin sucks lol, we have been having a crazy winter... I'm in Milwaukee :) At least we haven't been slammed with snow like past years. Nice to know there is another Wisconsin blogger out there :) Please check out mine if you want to Some wisconsin girls and I in a group on facebook have been talking about getting together this summer if your interested :)

  6. You stole my heart with this magnetic polish!!!!