Friday, February 24, 2012

Dark Matter--a franken

Hi Readers, today I'm featuring a franken I made.  I had a lot of trouble naming this franken.  When I first made it and showed it to my nail polish friends the first thoughts were it looked like space.  So we had all sorts of names flying out there.  It looked as if Starburst was going to win but then doing a web search today of galaxies the term dark matter hit me in the heart so that's what I'm going with!  
Dark Matter happened completely by mistake.  I had been wanting to make a dark purple for my friend Wendy and name is Sweet Bitch because it sums her up to a "T" but it just wasn't happening.  I had an empty bottle of an old prism bottle I used to make another franken with.  There was a teeny bit of holo glitter  left inside and I thought I'm not going to clean this bottle out I'm just going to pour into it.  I used 2 bottles of a dark purple Sally Girl I bought for Wendy's franken and then added holo, magenta, aqua and dark blue glitter to it.  Then to amp it up a bit I added some aqua flakies.  I wish my camera was better to show you the true beauty of this polish.  
I give you . . . Dark Matter
I tried to isolate a couple fingers to show you the glitters
Here's a shot under the kitchen light
I love how the holo glitter and magenta glitters really work well together
This shot you can see some of the cool flakies too!
Aaaaaaaaaaand because I can't have just plain nails I stamped on it!
For the stamping I used China Glaze Harmony and 2 images from BM208
Check out my pinkie in this angle
Holo glitter Close Up!!!!
And if that's not enough of me breaking my arm patting myself on the back here's a picture of the new franken, Dark Matter, with the new moon and stars ring I made for my friend Ace of the Polish Lab's fundraiser

I have to say this might be one of my best frankens ever.  My friend Tara from Tough As Nails, and Twice As Pretty is dying for a bottle of this lol!  She's a Bears fan but I still love her!  I think I might make her say I love the Green Bay Packers before I send her a bottle lol!

What do you think readers--did this one knock your socks off?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. o.m.g.!! Love this franken!!! Dark purple with awesome glitter! <3

    1. Thanks!! I feel like this is what Grape Crush should have been lol!