Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Challenge--blue! Pass or fail?

Hi Readers!  The facebook stamping group's challenge is blue all blue nothing but the blue!  Wow I thought I would do great with this one but really I'm not sure i pulled it off.  I had all these good intentions great blue underwear and tealy blue crackle and them stamping in blue.  In my mind I pictured a blue dragon and it's scales.  On my nails--ug not so much!

I started with a new blue I got from my friend Charlotte, OPI Swimsuit Nailed It. It's a gorgeous metallic blue.  Then I did an aqua blue to teal shift crackle from Pure Ice Called Strike A Pose, then I stamped with China Glaze Adore using plate BM224
See what I mean? Good intentions just not good follow through :(
And look at my pinkie? Where did that wrinkling come from?
I wasn't happy with this.  You couldn't see the cool crackling through the stamping.  I decided to go a different route.  This is better but just not spectacular which is what I was going for
This time I just went straight up Swimsuit Nailed It with Adore.  I stamped using image BM202.  
This design looks good with flash I think!
I was hoping to pull this off as a dragon scale look and leave it on both hands but really BM202 doesn't look too dragony (ha is that even a word? I don't think so!)
I had the camera man home so he grudgingly took a pic.  It didn't turn out so great (as always it seems when I get assistance from the camera man)
What do you think readers?  Do you think a challenge of wearing only blue an stamping with only blue is easy or hard?  I wish this mani would have turned out the way I saw it in my head.  Oh well tomorrow is another day!

Thanks for stopping buy!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Love this! I found this challenge so hard. I wanted to use pinks and silvers..

  2. I think they both turned out nice. I don't get dragon scales but I do get mermaid scales which goes even more with the blue & the OPI Swimsuit.

  3. This challenge was really hard! I thought it would be easy because I have a zillion blues but when you sit there and they are all staring you in the face you just draw a blank lol! Thanks ladies!

  4. I have that OPI Swimsuit and LOVE it! Nice stamping