Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stop Drop and Roll!

Hi Readers! Today I am ON FIRE! The Sunday Stamping Challenge over in my fb group Adventures in Stamping is Using 3 Colors.  Really the possibilities were endless with this one.  I had recently received my Zoya's from their Valentine's promo though so I decided I would use a couple of them.  My favorite color is yellow--it was the first color I learned to spell can you believe it?  I didn't start with red or blue nope I went for yellow.  My nephew AJ when he was little couldn't pronounce "y" to save his life lol!  He always said lellow for yellow.  I remembering him asking my dad to read him the book The Little Yellow Duck.  Of course he said Lellow Duck instead when asking.  So my dad says okay let's read the Lellow Duck book and AJ said "No grandma!  It's the lellow duck not the lellow duck!"  Holy cow we all busted out laughing!  He knew how it should be said he just couldn't do it lol!
Back to the nails and the challenge though!  I did a nice gradient using Zoya Pippa, Kleancolor Metallic Orange, and Zoya Sarah.  After receiving my Sarah I have decided I must have ALL the Zoya metallics!
Okay so there are my 3 colors!  BUT we have to stamp on this baby yet so I decided to burn down the house and stamped using the the same 3 colors but in reverse order on the gradient!
I think it turned out great!  I'm not sure this is an everyday mani but for a challenge mani it's dang good!
What I had to do to make the yellow really pop was go back over the mani stamping yellow a 2nd time on the tips. Here's a nice close up 
 I love how my thumb turned out the best!
After I took a shot of this one I decided I should make a ring like this mani!  Hopefully it will turn out and I can post pics of it later!
This is just a basic gradient mani.  I started with a base of two coat of Zoya Pippa.  Then I sponged on Kleancolor Metallic Orange going from the tip to halfway up the nail.  After that I sponged Zoya Sarah onto the tips.  I stamped using all the colors on the image plate using Shany SH22.
Here's a picture of the polishes I used
Look at the loveliness that is Zoya Sarah!  When I mentioned how gorgeous Sarah was in my FB group the bigheaded Sarah from Chalkboard Nails got a big head! Can you believe it???!!  You all should stop over there and give her some grief about it!! LOL!  The thing that makes me laugh is Zoya Sarah is all fiery and spicy and that is SO not Sarah--she is super nice and sweet.  My Zoya color Laurie is a pale pink--really innocent looking--our colors totally should be switched lol!

So what do you think about this challenge mani readers??  Do you think it looks good stamping in reverse on the gradient or is it just too much?  Is this your everyday mani or one you'd haul out on for a special occasion?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!