Saturday, February 25, 2012

Foiled take II you don't get fooled again!

Hi Readers!  I'm featuring another stamping over foils mani today!  And like my title says I didn't get fooled this time.  I had absolutely no issues with them this time because I waited a full five minutes or more before applying the foils and they went on like a dream!
This time I managed to take pics of the foiling before the stamping!
This is Aztec Gold isn't is gorgeous???!!!
It's SO prismatic and shiney!
Here's a close up!
Now true story readers I was at a spaghetti luncheon today to help out my sweet niece Alex.  I nearly blinded her mom, my little sister, Lynelle and a few others in the room with these nails lol!  When I got home I stamped over them hoping to tame them a bit but still keep their bite.  Hmmmmm what would be the best stamping image to do that?
BAM M57 to the rescue! ROAR!
I thought I'd show off the right hand again for a change lol!  Don't you ever wonder if bloggers only paint their picture hand?  I always sport a two handed mani lol!
Again I really love how the stamping on foils looks!
I was lucky enough to win a raffle item at the fund raiser!  Trust me when I tell you this is rare.  I'm the person putting it a zillion dollars for the raffle items and coming home with bupkiss.  This time though I won something and check it out!! Is this not perfect for a mani/pedi lover??????
I did an awesome foot soak with the bath salts and foot scrubs with my new goodies.  Don't worry readers I'll spare you the foot pics!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Cool foil manicure!
    I love how you stamped over.

  2. Carolina I love foils because of you!! I saw those Cherry O's and just had to get a few lol!