Monday, February 6, 2012

Not sure if I succeeded--Medieval Mani

Hi Readers!  My friend Ashley and I are both vampire lovers--she vary on which vampires are the best though lol!  She loves Twilight while I love Black Dagger Brotherhood and Mick St. John.  One thing's for certain we both loved the Essence Vampire's Love polishes!  A few weeks ago Ashley did what I thought was a way cool mani with a medieval "feel" using Essence Dawn in Broken from the Vampire's Love line.  Check out that fabulous mani here.  I wanted to come up with a medieval look using my Dawn Is Broken as well and you'll have to be the judge whether or not I succeeded.  
I did alot of work to get this mani.  I actually have a basecoat of black with micro silver underwear on and then two coat of Dawn Is Broken.  I did the acid wash look but taking remover and swiping away at spots of Dawn Is Broken to get a patchy look.  Then I used the same scroll image Ashley used on BM01 BUT I went vertical instead of horizontal so had to stamp four verticals row of that image on my nails.  I could have stopped there I felt I had a weather castle look BUT I added what I'm calling pheasants to it for a tapestry type look.  And yes the pheasants are single image so I had to stamp one right side up and one upside down lol!  The pheasants are from RA102.

Here's a bottle shot of Dawn Is Broken it's really pretty--silvery creme with dark grey and silver glitters dispersed throughout.
Here's a flash pic too!
Here are the polishes I used to get this mani.  The Hema is the underwear for the Dawn Is Broken, the dark grey is one I frankened because I needed a dark grey lol!

I'm not sure about this one--I like it but I think Ashley's minimalistic stamping on hers highlights the beauty of the polish better.  So I'm not done with this one lol!  I shall return!

What do you think readers--medieval or mediocre?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Hahahaha Ashley this posted 3 times I don't think you love it THAT much lol! I love yours the best! I really love these colors in this set--they are perfect for vampire lovers.

  2. This turned out great!

  3. LOL I dont know why that posted so much.And I love Mick too, ya know.Lol I also love Barnabus Collins. ;-)