Monday, February 13, 2012

A Red Hot Red!

Hi Readers!  So how are you about the whole vampire trend?  I'm totally on it BUT I'm not a Twilight or True Blood fan.  No my vampires are definitely Mick St. John of the now defunct Moonlight--CBS really dropped the ball on that one in my opinion--and The Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward as well as Midnight Breed Series by Lara Adrian.  If you like your vampires alpha and edgy with absolutely no sparkles check out the books by those ladies they are fantastic!
As I mentioned earlier I like to name the frankens I make after my favorite books.  Lover Eternal is by far my favorite in The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  It's the wonderful romance between Mary and Rhage and I'm not going to lie I bawl my head off when I read it.  Yep you guessed it I'm a big re-reader.  I was lucky enough to meet the author, JR Ward, a couple of years ago and she autographed my copy for me!  It was awesome meeting her and chatting with her about my love of Mary and Rhage.
My franken Lover Eternal is a mix of browns and reds, flakies and glitter.  It's a gorgeous dark and vampy red brown.  I did the cardinal sin of frankening in my book and I used some expensive polishes to make it--still I gambled and it paid off.  Here it is you can see for yourself this is definitely not a fail!
That pic is kind of blurry but it shows the color really well.  Here's another view
Here it is with flash--it glows from within!
One last pic of it showing the flakies buried within the polish
Do you franken readers?  If yes, what are some colors you've made?  If no, why not???  If you don't because you're worried it won't turn out, don't be, just forge ahead and see what gorgeous polish you can come up with!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Amazing franken!! I've tried a few frankens myself and I must say it's really quite fun! :D

    1. I started out by duping Lippmann's Glitter In The Air and now I find I just love making up new stuff too. My most recent dupes have been of Glamour and Exclusive BUT I got this really cool green blue type pigment I'm chomping at the bit to try so that's next!

  2. This is so rich and gorgeous!! I love frankening. My sister and I have come up with a lot of frankened polishes. :D We franken with polishes that cost anywhere from cheap to not-so-cheap, but I don't mind. I usually end up with colours that I prefer over the originals. XD Most of my stash now is made up of frankens, since I used up so many bottles to make them. ^-^

  3. Ashesela I have an entire melmer drawer full of my frankens! I really love being able to dupe expensive polishes for less too--I take great pride in that!