Friday, February 17, 2012

Franken Friday--Gawain and Ragnelle a Black Knight and Tart With A Heart dupe

Hi Readers!  Today I'm featuring to fantastic franken dupes.  Yes I called them fantastic--yes I pretty much broke my arm not once but twice when I made them.  Why?  Well I've duped Butter London's Black Knight AND Tart With A Heart. I made Gawain the Black Knight dupe in November, but it wasn't until this week I made Ragnelle the Tart With A Heart dupe.  Where did I get the names?  Sir Gawain was a Knight of the Roundtable.  Ragnelle  was his beautiful bride.  
Here are a couple of pictures of the Gawain my Black Knight dupe
Here's another view
I personally don't have Black Knight but I made this for a few of my nail polish friends, one of which has it, and said it's darn close!  Actually she told me she likes mine better HA!
I really hadn't thought of making the Tart With A Heart dupe but then I got to thinking well why not.  Again I don't have it and had to go strictly by pictures and this is what I came up with.
As you can see the day I made it i was rocking a cool mani therefore it's not swatched on my nails lol!
The only reason I decided to dupe Tart With A Heart in addition to Black Knight was because of the fantastic layering combination I first saw of it on Scrangie's post.  
Here are Ragnelle and Gawain together
I've created some side by side shots of Scrangie's layering and mine as well as bottle shots of Butter London's Black Knight and Tart With A Heart and my frankens Gawain and Ragnelle--here they are
Here are the pics of my Ragnelle layered over my Gawain
Isn't it gorgeous???? Here's a close up!
I mentioned I had seen this layering combination first on Scrangie's blog--you can view it here.  Did you check it out??? Did you see this post of Scrangie's already? How do you think I did with these dupes readers?  I think I nailed it! Here is a side by side comparison of Scrangie's layering and mine
Mine friends often refer to me as the Franken Queen.  After this duping I'm not arguing!  I made both of the bottles of my Gawain and Ragnelle for about $6 and that's not each that's $6 total.  I believe the Butter London combo was $25--now that's a savings I can get behind!

What do you think readers?  Is this a close enough dupe for you or would you rather pay the big bucks for the originals?

Just for kicks readers here's a lovely painting I found online of the beautiful Dame Ragnelle and her Knight, Sir Gawain

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Wow! I am really impressed with your Franken's. They are amazing and for a fraction of the price! Totally love them :)

    1. Both of these are surprisingly easy to make using dollar store polishes and Sally Girl polishes!

  2. Great job as usual Laurie! I dunno how you do it but I'm always amazed!

  3. Hi! I just saw this post, and I wanted to tell you I really love your frankens. Do you happen to have a list of polishes you used for these two? Especially for the Tart With a Heart dupe, since I haven't seen that one frankened before. Thanks!

    And seriously, it is so fun to franken with cheap polishes. I know I feel super accomplished when I come up with something I love that cost me under $2.