Saturday, September 22, 2012

We're after the same rainbow's edge

Hi Everyone!  Today is day 22 in the 31 Day Challenge and we're in the home stretch.  Thank God!  I honestly do not know why I do these challenges!  Sometimes towards the end it feels so much like a chore instead of just being able to wear what you want lol!

Today's theme is Inspired By A Song.  I chose one very near and dear my heart.  My parents would have been married for 50 years on September 8th, but complications from chemo therapy took my dad's life on August 9th--one month short of that anniversary.

I spent the past almost 50 years of my life knowing without a shadow of a doubt my parents loved each other.  I've told many people over this past month and a half the only time a heart can break is if it's filled with love.  An empty heart simply cannot shatter.  When you love so much and so hard that makes the loss all that much more unbearable.

And while this seems sad and many of you might feel so bad for my mom you should know just as I do some people will never be that lucky.  To have a love that last's a lifetime.

Their song is Moon River from the lovely movie Breakfast At Tiffany's.  I did this mani today in honor of their love and friendship

These are my parents Al and Sandy Lutze--every romance novel ever written seemed to be about them

I'm so thankful I grew up with the most loving parents a girl could ever hope for 

I hope all of you know the meaning of a deep true love in your lives..

Stop by tomorrow for inspired by a movie!  I have a couple of ideas for which of my fave movies I can do!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. Love really does make the world go round!

  2. this made me want to go hug my boyfriend. <333
    sounds like your parents lived happily ever after. your mom really was a lucky woman to experience love like that. =)

    1. She was Kalee and I wish it for everyone I know as well!

  3. very touching post...seems like you and I grew up the same way. How is your mom doing???? I know that it is very hard on my dad, prayers still going out for you and your family. Jackie

    1. Jackie it's the hardest hill to climb. To lose a daughter and husband to cancer is pretty crappy