Tuesday, September 18, 2012

If this half moon mani is (Mr) Wrong then I don't want to be (Mr) Right!

Hi Readers!  Do any of you have the "bad picker" gene?  Not the gene about being bad and picking your nose, but rather the gene where when it comes to a choice of mate--boyfriend, girlfriend--spouse you're just a flat out bad picker.  I have the gene.  It's not discovered yet but I surely do have it.  One day when they do discover it I believe they will call it the Laurie Effect, or laurieism--but believe you me that gene is as real as the smart gene--or the can't lose any weight gene.

Last year when I did the 31 Day Challenge I thought it would be cute to toss together Hard Candy's Mr Right and Mr Wrong and I decided I want to use them again in this year's 31 Day Challenge and YES another successful pairing of the two!

Mr Right is a gorgeous dark blue shimmer--he reminds me a bit of Phallic.  Mr Wrong is a super cool glass flecky purpley goldy bronze lol!

I really love them both!

Ii thought for a minute about stamping over this mani but I just love the blue in Mr Right so much I didn't want to cover him!

Which one do you like better Readers--Mr Right or Mr Wrong?  And I wonder what our choice says about us????

Wow more than half way through the challenge!!! What's up for tomorrow
Galaxy nails--hmmm I'm not a huge fan of this look for some reason.  Maybe because I suck at creating them??? You'll have to tune in tomorrow to see how they look!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Gah! Your nails are always so perfect looking.

  2. Bahaha "Mr. Right reminds you of Phallic". Oh dear that's a good one. I'm outta breath over here from laughing so hard!