Monday, September 24, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

Hi Everyone!  Happy Monday!  Well I hope it's happier for everyone than it is for me!  Friday I had to leave my car at work because it wasn't driving right at all.  Saturday my fab brother in law checked it out and my passenger side rear wheel is locked! LOCKED! Why I do not know, I only know the ding dang thing is.  It's going to the mechanic today for him to look at--hopefully it's not one of those oh oh this will cost you eleventy billion dollars to fix issues.
Good thing I worked all the overtime last week LOL!

Today is day 24 in the 31 Day Challenge and the theme today is based on a book.  Wellllllll I'm a HUGE romance reader--romance of all genres from sweet to erotica, historical, westerns, paranormal, romantic suspense and contemporary.  I read em all!  One of my favorite authors is Toni Blake--her Letter's To A Secret Lover is a reread for me AND it makes me cry.  But here's a fun fact about Toni--she's also erotic author Lacey Alexander and her erotica is just as fabulous as her contemporary romance! GO FIGURE!  One of my favorite books by Lacey Alexander is The Bikini Diaries.   I decided to do my book mani by copying the book cover

It's a bit weird having neon nails on in Fall lol!

If you're a fan of "hot" romance and you haven't picked anything up by Lacey Alexander yet DO IT!  She is fabulous!  And if you love contemporary romance with a bit of heat pick up anything and everything by Toni Blake, especially Letters To A Secret Lover.

What's up for tomorrow?
Hmmm fashion--I'm not too fashionable so I hope I can come up with something!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!