Monday, September 17, 2012

Laurie, Lisa and Michelle?????!!!

Hi Readers!  Happy Monday!  It's another week of overtime for me so 10 1/2 hour days loom ahead of me.  I think my nails today are going to keep me alert and apt though!  I've probably mentioned it before but I have 2 sisters, one is here with me on Earth and one is in Heaven.  My whole life growing up there was a lot of Laurie! Lisa! Lynelle!  Sometimes mom just called us laurielisalynelle because she didn't know who she was scolding LOL! I'm the oldest, then came Lisa, then Lynelle.  Lynelle and I had to say goodbye to our sweet Lisa three years ago and it's hard for us now to be known as just Laurie and Lynelle, but we go on because--well because we have too.  I decided to do a gradient with the two Zoya's I have with my name--Laurie and one of my sister's names--Lisa.  I've suggested Zoya use Lynelle a zillion times but so far no good. Recently I snagged 3 of Sonoma Nail Art's Halloween Polishes, Here Lies Robert, Sincerest Pumpkin Patch, and Deadly Zins. I happen to know the creator of Sonoma Nail Art's name is Michelle which is darn close to Lynelle so I topped my Laurie and Lisa gradient with Michelle's Deadly Zins!  And how fitting it is to go with day 17 in the 31 Day Challenge which is glitter!

First up just a pic of my Laurie and Lisa gradient.
It's lovely!  What cracks me up though is how the total opposite of our personalities the colors are.  Zoya Laurie is a super pale pink while Lisa is a shiny micro glitter red.  Lisa was neither bold or outrageous--which red usually signifies.  And I'm DEFINITELY not a pastel pink type of gal LOL!  Still they are beautiful and look great together just like Lisa and I did!  

I topped this lovely gradient with a couple coats of Michelle's Deadly Zins AND stamped on it!

Don't you just love the bottle label???? OMG it's to die for!  Deadly Zins is a mix of red glitters in various sizes along with some tiny black  and fuschia glitter!  Really lovely!!!

I love it when I can stamp over glitters!  They just look so cool that way!

I also love who subtle the gradient looks topped with Deadly Zins--just really spectacular!

I'm super elated with this one and really didn't know if I could pull off a successful glitter!  So let's see what's up for tomorrow shall we?

Half Moons! Oooh I have a great idea for this one!

Thanks for stopping by!!  I hope you all have a great day!

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