Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ready Set Red!!!

Hi Readers! Last year at this exact time I wasn't blogging yet BUT I was in a group where a 31 Day Challenge went around and I joined in.  IT WAS BRUTAL!  Everyday a new challenge and honestly by the end of the challenge I think there were only about 5 of us gals doing it.  Well they decided to do it again and at first I said Good Luck Girls but I'm out!  I felt like I was letting them down though, so here I am in another ding dang 31 day challenge!

First up is Red!  I used my Zoya Posh and Sarah for the very time for it!  Both reds delicious and pretty on their own.  But you know me--I gradiented them and then stamped!  Too bad we have clouds and rain here or I'd go outside for some good pics!

First up Zoya Posh and Sarah gradient--without topcoat
And then with Seche Vite

Zoya Sarah is SO pretty!
This is a lovely gradient 

I went ahead and stamped over this beauty with BM306 but I sort of wish I hadn't!  It's so hard to see the beautiful gradient with the stamping over it!
Not bad just not as gorgeous with stamping--which you hardly ever hear me say LOL!

I have a few of Zoya's reds Sarah, Posh, Karina, Lisa, Max and they are all so lovely!  It was Jackie from Adventures In Acetone who told me how fab Posh was though and man she did not steer me wrong!

And here we go start to finish!

And just a shot of the lovely Zoya Posh and Sarah

The daily themes for the challenge are here
Looks like a challenging challenge LOL!

I've seen a lot of the blogs I follow doing this challenge too!! Are you????

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!