Sunday, September 9, 2012

I know he's always with me

Hi Readers!  My father passed away one month ago today.  The day after he died when I really felt as if I just wouldn't be able to make it without him I saw the most beautiful rainbow.  It was huge and vibrant and I just knew it was him telling me everything would be okay and even though he wasn't here with my physically any more, I felt he sent me that rainbow to say he would always be with me.  I miss my dad SO much but I know he's with my sister and I know I will be with them again.  It's just hard trying to figure out how to live in the huge space they leave behind when they go.  Having my blog and having some fantastic friends really helps though.  
Today's theme in the 31 Day Challenge is Rainbow.  How fitting it falls on this day.  So today I did a mani in honor and remembrance of my dad and the sign he's given me.

I started with a rainbow stripe and put a coat of gLORIous over it
Then I stamped over it using some designs from the third Bundle Monster set
I really love how this turned out and it truly reminds me of the day I saw that rainbow in all it's glory shining right alongside the sun
It's really hard to lose someone you love so much--someone who's been the biggest and best part of your life, and while we do have to go on without them, we will never, EVER, forget them.

Here's a before and after picture

Yesterday would have been my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  I spent the day with my mom and sister for lunch as we went to my folks favorite restaurant for a nice lunch.  We had the most delicious caramel apple pie for dessert and I jokingly told Lynelle I hoped I dreamed about that pie LOL!  Alas i did not but it was dream worthy.  Last night the family got together to play dominoes--a game called chicken foot, which is a game dad taught us.  It was a lot of fun, as it always is, to be with my family.  I think my mom got through the day okay.  My heart still breaks that they just couldn't make that 50 year mark.  Really though they were together for 50 years so that's all that should matter!

Today I'm spending the day with my family yet again.  Today is the NAMI Bike n Hike and I'm going to be painting nails!  Yep no walking this year for me because I swear last year Lynelle tried to kill me.  I'm bringing several bottles of purple nail polish--holographic, glitter, creme, shimmers, magnetic, duochrome--you name it I'm bringing it!  Purple is NAMI's color and I hope a lot of people girls and boys alike will want to wear purple to represent NAMI and all it does for people with mental illness.

Thanks for stopping by today Readers!  I hope you all have a fantastic day, and I hope many rainbows come your way.


  1. Holy guacamole these are AWESOME nails I love it!! BTW caramel apple pie sounds delicious! <3

  2. Love the nails-- especially the starburst pattern over the rainbow! And thanks for sharing with us, sorry for your loss.