Thursday, September 13, 2012

Laurie's got her groove back!

Hi Readers!  FINALLY I have come up with a mani that I love, love, LOVE for this 31 Day Challenge!  The theme for today is animal print and boy did I ever bust it out!  I really wanted to do something wild and I think I nailed it!
This is the glorious China Glaze Bohemians both as a gradient with black stamped over it and as a gradient stamped over black!
That one's a bit bright but I had to get thumby in there!
Glurg this is just gorgeous!!!
Man I love how these stamp especially over black!!!

Check out how cool thumby is!
Can you see all that shimmer is these babies when you gradient with them???!!!

This mani kills me DED!

I feel like I should queue some Etta James here instead of my man coming along though it's my mani! LOL!

I used all three Bundle Monsters for this mani lol! Pinkie is BM16, ring is BM221, swear is BM223, index is BM224 and thumby is BM313.  For the ring and thumb I did a gradient over black using China Glaze Bohemian Swanky Silk, No Plain Jane and Deviantly Daring.  For the other nails I did gradient stamping over black dotting my plate with all the Bohemians--Rare & Radiant, No Plain Jane, Deviantly Daring, Unpredictable, Swanky Silk and Want My Bawdy.  I cannot tell you enough how much I love the Bohemian Collection from China Glaze!  

Since I'm feeling so good about today let's check out what's up for tomorrow
Hmmm flowers I have a few ideas running around in my head let's see if I can nail another one!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. OMG that photo of the thumb is so beautiful! This manicure is so great Laurie!

  2. Okay, this really makes me want to buy all of the Bohemian collection... damn!;) Awesome gradient!

  3. Holy S**t is all I have to say! these are insane!