Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just a little tighter please

Hi Everyone!

Today is a rare treat--okay since I'm not that good it might not really be a treat but today is some freehand art lol!  It's day 25 in the 31 Day Challenge so fashion is up.  As I said yesterday I'm not very fashionable BUT there are many fashionable things I love--one of them is . . .

Corset Nails!

Who doesn't love hot pink and black together???!!!!

BTW the little dots are supposed to be ruffles!  No way in h e double hockey sticks can I re-create a Robin Moses corset mani LOL!

I hope tomorrow is something easier! Free hand is hard!

A pattern--okay I might be able to swing this--tune it tomorrow to see if I do lol!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a great day!!