Saturday, September 15, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends

Hi Readers! Happy Saturday!  I'm SO late in posting today because I was at my nephew's football game!  They won and it was a gorgeous sunny day today so WIN WIN!  Funny story though Readers, I wore my purple and green Nami Bike & Hike shirt today--the one I got for last week's event.  My little sister says to me "OMG where is your orange or blue shirt?"  Park Panther's colors are orange and blue.  I said "neither one are clean!" (this is what you get working overtime 6am until 4:30pm all week--no clean Park Panther colors) My little sis said "You better hope the other teams colors aren't purple!"  I, in full confidence said, "Don't worry they aren't going to be purple"  We get to the school and OF COURSE the Indian Trail Hawks school colors are black and purple LOL!  It doesn't matter because my nephew's team stomped 'em!  So yes way to go Park Panthers!  And to think I almost work my neon orange with blue crackle!

I have a couple of sweet nail polish friends that sent me the gorgeous Sally Hansen Platinum Plum while my dad was sick in the hospital.  It just so happens it arrived after he passed away and I was SO touched Anisha and Kim thought enough of me to send me something they knew I would love to cheer me up through a difficult time.  Platinum Plum is one of the beautiful Sally Hansen Prisms and it's super pretty!  I used it today on day 15 of the 31 Day Challenge for my Delicate theme!
It's a very lovely plum to steely blue duochrome.  I took this shot before stamping
As with most duochromes they look better over a dark base so I layered this over Cult Nails Vicious--the best purple ever.

Then I stamped using my Peripera  P44 which is a light purple and BAH LING!  Delicate and oh so pretty!

I really love this image from the third bundle monster set BM314

I took some shots of this in shade and sun too!

I love this color and even more so I love the love and thought that went behind getting it to me.  Both Anisha and Kim know how much I love the old prisms and it's my dream to one day own them all.  Thanks to them this mani is SO pretty!

What's up tomorrow in the 31 Day Challenge?

Hmmmm tribal--I hope I can pull something off!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. What a beautiful polish and I love the details youve added to the manicure :)
    Im sure its a polish you will cherish for a very long time :)

  2. Oh wow, Platinum Plum is just lovely!