Thursday, September 6, 2012

One man's violet is another man's purple is another man's maroon???

Hi Readers!  First of all whew!  I made it just in the nick of time for Day 6 in the 31 Day Challenge!  We had some huge storms here yesterday and power was out for a long a$$ time!  It was restored today at 1pm while I was at work. It went out at about 4pm yesterday so almost a full day without it.  Let me tell you Readers taking a shower in pitch black house with no power is not fun.  My hair looks beyond wretched today yet all my friends kept telling me it looked good LOL!  God bless true friends!
For my "violet" I picked a purple which some people flat out call maroonish lol!   All that matters to me is where these colors are stored in my melmer and they are stored in my purple drawer!  For today's mani I hauled out an untried--OPI Black Tie Optional.  Now this is a "supposed" duochrome but really it's only duochrome in the bottle.  If it looked like this on the nail I would be in heaven but alas it does not.  It's still ding dang gorgeous though!
You can sort of see the inkling of a duochrome down at the bottom of the bottle in this shot
But this gold never gets to your nails.  I paired my Black Tie Optional in a Ruffian with We'll Always Have Paris Suede which I think you all know I love
I wasn't sure how I felt about a matte and a glossy Ruffian but I had seen Kayla do one for her red so I decided to go for it and stamp over it using China Glaze Joy which is a dark purple metallic polish
I used one of my favorite images from the second Bundle Monster set BM201 for the stamping
When you think of purple what do you think of Readers?  Does this dark maroon/burgundy fill your bill or do you need a blueish purple?

Here's a picture of the polishes I used.  OPI Black Tie Optional and We'll Always Have Paris suede and China Glaze Joy

What's up for tomorrow?
Black and White! Sweet!  I hope I can come up with something cool!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a fantastic night!


  1. You must be closer to me than I thought. We didn't get any power loss from it, but my friend 30 miles away did and her power was restored about the same time as yours. The newspaper said that the storm did much more damage in Jefferson County than it did afterward.
    Glad you got your power restored!

    Oh! And I love your mani! I love the technique of stamping with the secondary color of the ruffian, half moon, or french tip. Yours looks so classy.