Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Challenge--Green and Orange!

Hi Readers!  Summer Challenge Green and Orange???!!! What the????? Those colors DO NOT even go together!  But here's a disclaimer Readers, don't lament this to your fab work buddy Ashlee because when you say "omg green and orange those are awful colors to put together", she'll say "those are the colors I had at my wedding!" 

I was really lamenting this challenge.  I wanted to do it as I haven't done a few for a while so I thought okay get back on the horse.  But the green and orange horse????

It was easy to do when you had the right arsenal at your disposable!!! Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed and Gosh Rainbow!!!

Who said green and orange don't go together??? Not me!!!

I stamped over it using Zoya Meg

I thought these colors would beat me, but they didn't!

Here's my matching Toxic Seaweed ring I made ages ago!

Lizz's is really getting a work out as my camera man at work LOL!

I really loved this mani.  I couldn't decided if it was dragonish or snakeish but either way I loved it!  The image I used for snake and/or dragon design was Mash-39.

Thanks for stopping by!!! Make sure you check out what everyone else came up with for orange and green day!

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