Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My I hate splatter mani!

Hi Readers!  Today's theme for the summer challenge is splatter!  And I hate it!  Splatter, that is.  I tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to do a splatter mani--I had fabulous intentions of doing a great one--neons over foils Whoo Hoo!  Um no.  My splatter really just looked liked drops blobs.  When you have to get up everyday at 5am to get to work there is no way you can spend a zillion hours trying to perfect this talent either TRUST ME!  So today I'm rebelling against splatter--the asshat! For a simple "fake" mani!
Yep foils!  They are fun, they are easy and this looks a zillion times better than the craptastic splatter mani that ensued earlier!
This one is called Fiber Optics, it's a gorgeous purple with holographic stripes running through out!
For the base beneath it I used my Kleancolor metalllic purple and holy cow Readers I've only used metallic purple to stamp with and I never knew how gorgeous that baby was on it's own!  I'm definitely going to be using him for a basecolor in an upcoming mani I'm sure!
If I'd had the time and if wasn't 2am after 17 bazillion failed hours of attempting splatter I might have stamped over this--but the truth be told I was exhausted lol!  That, and the the fact, foils are instant nail art--nothing needed to them to make them look better.  They are super gorgeous on their own!
Here it is with flash
Holo-ee goodness!

I just know my fellow challengers came up with some fantastic splatters so be sure to check them out!!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. This is beautiful!! What size straw are you using? I find it SO much easier and get a better splatter with a small straw like out of a capri sun pouch or a coffee stirrer. I don't want you to hate splatter, it makes me sad! :(

    1. Small coffee stirrer stray Amber! And I sucked!!! I mean not literally sucked it up instead of blowing it lol! It just sucked SO bad :(

  2. The first and last time I tried to do a splatter, I ended up with smurf hands from the blue polish I used. It was a gigantic failure. :( I feel your pain. You persisted more than I ever did!

    Your foils look great too.:)

    1. Thanks! I love foils they are just so gorgeous and this on really is pretty!

  3. Maybe you can give me a tip here. I just got some foils. I was able to apply them quite easily, but I find that no matter how much glue I use, somehow after having them on for a short time, the glue starts to show up through the foils, especially at the tip. Then they are all sticky and gummy, ruining them within a few hours. I don't like what topcoat does to them (and I've tried 5 different ones). Any thoughts on this issue?