Monday, August 6, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday--Colores de Carol!

Hellooooooo yes it's me with the broken record--not an Olympic record broken but instead sounding like a broken record for doing yet another Colores de Carol mani for MSMD lol!  BUT how can I not?  She is freaking fantastic! She comes up with the super coolest stuff!  I started with a base color of Nina Ultra Pro Blue Blaze, a neon blue and then I hauled out my LCN croco top coat in black and put it over it.  Do I need to tell you all how much I love crackle???? I LOVE CRACKLE PEOPLE!  I love all kinds of crackles, the big kind the little kind, the croco top and the Spotted--I LOVE ME SOME CRACKLE!  I didn't have the exact plate Carol used for her mani so I relied on my DRK-A and voila a cute as heck mani!
I had to ask a few of my friends if I was too old for skeletons and they all said no, you're never too old lol!
It's cute but definitely something I can only wear for a day so it's a good thing I only wear a mani for a day lol!

Please be sure to check out Carolina's original mani here because it's super duper cute!

And check out all my partners in crime in


  1. I love this!!! Love the white stamping over the crackle, I didn't realize it was crackle until you mentioned it. So cool!

    1. See how versatile crackle is! You can't even tell it's crackle sometimes lol!

  2. So cute, I have often wondered if I am too old for some designs too!!!! I want to try stamping over some new crackle that I have now!!!!