Thursday, August 30, 2012

Menage anyone?!?!?!!

Hi Readers!  Omg I have been SO tired lately and haven't had anytime to come from work and do nothing.  I've barely had time to come up with a decent mani AND I haven't been able to read.  Right now I'm reading Cherry Adair's  entire T-Flac series.  I honestly don't know why I didn't read them all right as they came out--these books are fantastic!  Suspense and hot romance what more can you want????

Well what I want is some time to get my nails done and read my books AND snuggle with Roscoe!  Tonight I set the goal for myself to be in bed at 8:30pm so I could spend 2 hours reading a book, snuggling Roscoe and playing with the chinchillas lol!  I didn't make my deadline Readers as I'm posting this at 8:54 BUT I'm only  behind 30 minutes!

I needed something cool and quick.  What better time to haul out the crackle??!!!!  I was going to do a black, gold and red mani and use Butter London Knees Up again instead I decided just on black and gold BUT sitting next to me on my little table were Sashay My Way and Clockwork--basically because I was too lazy to put them away from when I used them earlier this month!  How fortunate for me!  And let this be a lesson to you that being neat isn't always good!

I started with a couple coats of China Glaze It's My Turn--my favorite gold polish EVAH, then OPI Black Shatter then I topped it with both Orly Sashay My Way and Sonoma Nail Art Clockwork! BAM instant nail art in a hurry!

I'm definitely going to wear my cage ring with this mani tomorrow!!!

No stamping necessary--sometimes you gotta love that lol!

I wonder if anyone would think I'm wacko if I tried to marry Clockwork?  I think we make a good couple!

Okay now I'm only an hour off schedule!  And who am I kidding when I say I'll read for 2 hours???!! Lately I can't even make it an hour before the reader is smacking me in the face as I doze off lol!

I am getting home early tomorrow with nothing to do and I have something special in mind for the Summer Challenge on Friday--so here's hoping it will turn out!

I love this kind of menage--it's easy, safe, AND no jealousy going on here as they are all beautiful in their own way!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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