Monday, August 27, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do--Madeline Poole Nails!

Hi Readers!  Welcome to the new week!  First of all let me tell you Roscoe is here with us!  OMG he is AHdorbs Readers!  He's pretty tiny so I'm working on fattening him up some LOL!  Believe you me if anyone knows how to fatten someone up it's me! 

For today's MSMD mani I found this one doing a random internet search.  Sometimes when you're stuck and looking for something new and fun just search Google!  I was thinking of a RIM job but it's my mom's birthday.  I can't being doing rim jobs on my mom's birthday LOL!

I like this look alot.  This is Milani Black Swift with Butter London On Your Knees on top.  Then I lovingly aka stupidly fished out gold hex glitters from Sally Hansen Set The Stage because my Milani bottle had completely dried out and voila!  

I'm a huge fan of The Ruffian and definitely a fan of the RIM job!

Red and Black go together just like Sonny & Cher and PB&J!!!!!

Make sure you check out the wicked cool mani's at

And check out this cute pic of Roscoe sleeping on my while I blog this!  I didn't want to use the flash and wake him lol!

Thanks for stopping by!  Before you go and have a great day check out what my partners in crime have come up with for today!


  1. omg girl. i dont even know what to say to that second paragraph. i couldnt even read the rest i was laughing so hard.

    1. You know I just tell it like it is LOL!

  2. I had a good laugh with this post! Your nails look so pretty! <3 BTW just to let you and perhaps others know I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog! I'm super excited! <3