Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cheater Cheater BBQ eater!

Hi Readers!  Happy Saturday!!!  Guess what???!!!! In addition to it being the weekend we are getting a new baby kitten today!   I'm pretty over the moon about it as is the camera man!  We've had a lot of sadness in our lives this month and we've talked about getting another cat ever since we lost our sweet Sammie 2 years ago.  I'm hoping Baxter will be happy with the new addition so cross your fingers for us!

Now onto the nail portion of our program!  Today the Summer Challenge theme is BBQ.  BBQ???? What the french is my Crumpet Leader, Debbie thinking?  Do they EVEN have BBQ over in the UK?????  I've lived in Texas so I know what good BBQ is LOL!  Another thing I know is I'm not a cool "cute" person like Jackie from Adventures In Acetone.  There is no way I can draw a cute cow on my nail and then a steak or a brisket on my nail and have it be a good BBQ look.  So today I did what I often do best--I cheated!!!!

Hmm lets a take a look shall we

Thank you OPI for the glorious color that is Mrs O'Leary's BBQ!!!!

Now THIS looks much better than a cow or a pork chop painted on my nail!

I did a lovely gradient using Mrs O'Leary's BBQ and We'll Always Have Paris Suede because I just love these colors together!!!! I stamp with Milani White On using Mash-43

I don't know about you Readers but can it really be cheating when it turns out this good????

Before we check out what all my other Summer Challenge friends have come up with for the this mani let's take a look at Roscoe!

He's currently a farm kittie at my friend Ashlee's farm.  I sure hope he'll pick us today when we are out there looking at the kittens!!

I just love orange boy kitties!!!!

I'll fill you all in tomorrow before the Sunday Challenge which is pink and purple.  FINALLY a chance for me to get out my franken Pulsating Pink Porn lol!!!

Here's what my Crumpet friends came up with for BBQ!


  1. lol you are so funny and SUCH a cheater. I don't know what I was thinking either, hence why I have not done a mani oooops! xx

  2. LOL I don't know how many people we'll have doing today's challenge but one thing I do know I'm getting a kittie AND Mrs O'Learys BBQ is GORG!

  3. Love the mani and OMG CUTE KITTIE!

  4. Awwww Roscoe! He's just too sweet. <3

    And awesome call on the BBQ gradient! I'll have to try that sometime. I love that polish.

  5. Pretty! I love your idea on using the polish name! :) Adorable kitten!

  6. Love your are so funny!! I have 2 orange boy kitty' them :)