Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Slow and steady wins the race!

Hi Readers!  A happy Wednesday to you!  After yesterday's flip flop fiasco I am back on top!  What better way to get there than a lovely gradient!  I can't believe how I thought about passing on the China Glaze Bohemians when they first came out!  These babies are gorgeous!  They look great on and they work great to stamp with.  BUT as with all duochromes they truly shine when black or a darker color beneath them is involved.  When using them to stamp with make sure you have a dark, complimentary base.

For these gradient I used China Glaze Deviantly Daring and Rare and Radiant. I did not layer these over black, instead I did one coat of Rare and Radiant first and then used both for my gradient

These mani reminds me of a way cool turtle!

And how can you not love a polish that looks great in the shade too????

I don't think I'll ever tire or a beautiful gradient.
And I love how the giraffe image plates can easily be turned into a turtle shell lol!
I stamped Kleancolor black over my gradient using BM313.

If you weren't going to get the Bohemians, or you're still on the fence--get over the fence Readers!  They are gorgeous!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hop you all have a fantastic day!