Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bang a gong, get your Geometric On!

Hi Readers!  Some of us gals got together for another group challenge.  This time the theme is Geometric!  WHEW thank goodness I have a bazillion stamping images here so I didn't have to try to freehand this sucker!

Here's my take on a geometric mani!  I used a bunch of images from the Cheeky XL plates!

I like my ring finger least of all lol!

Thumbie is cool though!!!

I'm wearing it with my black and white top--I wonder what everyone at work will say about this one???

Make sure you check out what all my friends came up with!!!


  1. Pinkie is my favorite. I love geometric patterns.

  2. This looks great, I love seeing geometric patterns in black and white!

  3. The Stamping Queen strikes again!! I love it!!

  4. Awesome....love the ring finger!!