Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Challenge--Pedicure! WARNING TOE PICS AHEAD!



Hi Readers!  Just in case you missed it today's Summer Challenge theme is pedicure so TOE PICS AHEAD!  Some people are really funny about toes and feet.  I happen to be one of them but not the way many people think.  I like my feet and my toes.  I think I have nice looking feet.  I don't like anyone touching my feet nor do I like them touching their feet to mine.  So that lovely relaxing foot massage you always read about in romances NOT GONNA HAPPEN!  The sucking of the toes in all those erotica books I read NOT GONNA HAPPEN!  And get this Readers it's not gonna happen with a hot cowboy either that's how much I hate having my feet touched.  They even have it marked in my medical charts LOL!  I don't know if I told you this with my tattoo pic awhile ago but when I got my Elvis tattoo on my ankle the guy wanted to hold my foot and I said no.  He said he had to hold it to keep me from flinching.  I told him I would not flinch.  He was very reluctant to listen to me but went ahead anyhow and guess what??? I didn't flinch.  That's right no one touches my ding dang feet!

But okay with that let's move on to the pedi pic lol!  I don't know about you readers but us fat chicks cannot really stand and hold our feet together!  This was a lot harder than it might appear LOL!  I took a few pics, some outside in the dead brown grass at work--oh poor dry Wisconsin, some inside in the kitchen and then some outside in the parking lot.  I'm wearing Color Club Metamorphosis and Jordana Cosmic just like with my last mermaid mani.  YOu know this is going to stay on for awhile because glitter is a bizatch to get off your toes!

Okay first up inside in the kitchen

Next up outside in the parking lot in full sun

And a shot of the poor dead grass is the super dry Wisconsin
Our grass is usually so green and lush and feels great to walk on barefoot, the grass we have now reminds me of the hard, spiky, African like bush grass they have in Texas! UG!

I'm not opposed to showing you a couple of my favorite pedi's I've done over the years either.  

This is one I did for a Packer game last year--not sure why I remember it was for a Packer game but it might be because I could still wear my Packer sandals in October LOL!

Here's another schnazzy one I did with my "these hurt my feet but they look good so I'm leaving them on" sandals

And last but not least my most favorite pedi I've ever done!  I just loved this one! My "alligator" toes

Thanks for surviving through the toe pics everyone!  Today is my niece's graduation party and wait until you see the awesome mani I came up with for it!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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  1. cute manis!!!! I love that you wear the shoes even though they hurt....haven't we all done that LOL

    1. Lord those sandals are a KILLER Jackie but they look good!

  2. I love the green color in the first pic! I love green in general :) And you're right, the grass is downright YUCKY. All I hear is 'crunch crunch crunch'! *does rain dance for the rain god*

    1. I'll join you in the rain dance!

  3. Wow those pedis are amazing! Beautiful job!

  4. They all look amazing! I hate showing my feet but I've got a hubby who has told me all thru the years I have ugly toes, and it gave me a complex about them.

    1. Connie my sister Lisa has really ugly toes and I kid you not! Part of my complex with feet touching me is because of her lol!

  5. How did you stamp your big toes and cover the entire nail? Are your toes that tiny or do you have a secret way to cover the entire toe? I love the green in the first picture.

  6. Jim my big toes are big and I have to double stamp on them just like my thumbs. After awhile you learn how to line up and double stamp. You'll be a pro in no time!

  7. I hate feet, but I plodded on through this post because I love you!
    I'm so jealous of the fact you can stamp your toes though! I can do my big toe, but the rest and so teeny tiny I'd have to take the rubber out of the stamp, and I basically have no little toe nail haha!