Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Challenge--Beach Towels!!

Hi Readers!  Today's Summer Challenge theme is beach towels and I'm not going to lie I drew a blank!  This is Wisconsin Readers and even though I live on Lake Michigan have a ton of lakes Up North I'm not really a beach person lol!  I had to google beach towel images to get some ideas!  Here's what I came up with!
I love my thumb but the rest of them are just so so to me lol!
Thumbie really takes the cake I think!
Too bad I was SO tired when I snapped pics of this and didn't really moisturize before my pics.  Acetone works great for removing your polish but it sure dries out your skin!

This was a fun mani to do but no way would I have been able to wear these all day!  Here are the pics of some of the towels I found to get some inspiration from

This one was the one where I said, "dang it now I wish I had gotten that plate with the cute turtles on it"

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  1. I sooo love these (also the pics of your inspiration) Love the thumb and ring finger the most. What plates did you use for the thumb?

    1. Diana I used a plate I got off ebay with no number on it! ARG!

    2. Ahhh too bad the dolphin is adorable.

    3. Ahhh too bad the dolphin is adorable.

  2. I would like to buy the one on your little finger please :) thank you xx

  3. I love the turtle towel...I would love to find one. My mom collections them.

    1. I simply must have a plate with turtles on it now!

  4. I love this one Laurie!! The thumb is sooooooooooo a beach towel!!

  5. These are so awesome. I love the thumb and the index finger the best :]