Monday, July 23, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday--Leslie Loves Polish!!

Hi Readers!  Today I'm copying the FAB Leslie who came up with this super cool, totally awesome, totally kick ASS mani!  The second she showed this to me I said "I'm copying this for MSMD!!!"  I even wanted to post it before she did on her own blog lol!  THAT'S HOW COOL IT IS!
Seriously! This mani ROCKS!
When Leslie did hers she used neons but I hauled out my Zoyas and used Pippa--my favorite yellow in the universe and Robyn.  How did the green get in there--simple---yellow and blue make green! BAM! A three color gradient using only 2 colors lol!
The stamped image is Mash-45 and Kleancolor Black.  I almost wrecked myself driving down to Illinois Saturday because I kept starting at my nails!
This is how much I loved this mani--I wore it for almost 3 days! That's right you heard me--THREE DAYS!  

Thanks to the lovely Leslie for such a wicked cool idea!  You can find her first posting of it here--where she gives me a cool shout out LOL!

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  1. this is awesome! i love the gradient colors and the black design is awesome and really stands out!

  2. This is so cool - I love it! I'm not a stamper, but am seriously considering diving into it.
    I also wanted to thank you, Laurie, for including longer shots of your entire hand (you have beautiful hands, btw), because it really helps to see how a mani looks overall.
    I enjoy your posts and look forward to them every day!

  3. Love the colours and the pattern!