Saturday, July 21, 2012

My wonderful friend Jacki had a baby boy!

Hi Readers! My sweet friend Jacki from Adventures In Acetone welcomed a new baby son into her family.  Her husband and daughter are as over the moon with the new arrival as well!  I might sound biased, but really I'm not, I've seen him and he's adorable!  He is one lucky boy to have someone as sweet and kind as Jacki for a mom.  In honor of his arrival a few of us are going blue to celebrate.  Congratulations to Jacki, Wes, big sister Hailey and welcome to our polish family, Owen!!!
This is pretty dang cute--not as cute as the stuff Jacki can do by hand but cute nonetheless!
I used an underwear of Zoya Robyn and topped it with Zoya Twila and then stamped using BM307.

Check out what all my friends have come up with to welcome sweet baby Owen into the world!