Thursday, July 26, 2012

Are your knees up or down?!!!

Hi Readers!  I'm pretty sure many of you have heard me say the best red ever is OPI's Vampire State Building--and oh how I love my Vampire State Building BUT I have sinned against Vampire State Building and have lust in my heart for another red.  My friend Silver told me Butter London's Knees Up is the best read EVAH and I think I might have only half heartedly listened to her.  I may have even scoffed her but seriously Silver no more.  I decided to do the same mani I did for my bestie, Sandi this weekend and holy shizz this is one sexy mani!  I took some pics of this baby both outside and indoor at work.  Here's shots of indoors at work--this was at the crack of dawn and not all the lights are on in the building yet lol!  So there's a glare from my desk lamp
DAYUM this looks mahvelous!
Here's a pic of the ring I wore with it!
There's a matching bracelet too!
Did you see that pic of my husband??? A lot of people say he reminds them of someone famous!


Oh lord Readers yes that IS a picture of Elvis in a frame on my desk lol!  I've had it for years.  Two nurses where I used to work gave it to me for my birthday in that very frame and I've taken it with me to each new job I've had since.  I have an Elvis mug and calendar in the cubicle too lol!

Here's some pics I took outside when I got home in the blistering 95 degree weather!
Yes we did get some rain FINALLY in Wisconsin so there is some green
I loved this mani! And Butter London's Knees Up really is a fabulous red!

This mani was super simple and super easy to do.  I did 2 coats of Knees Up and then stamped with Kleancolor Black using BM310.  One thing I noticed at work today is a lot of male coworkers were looking at my hands.  I have a theory that men are really attracted to red nail polish and today seemed to prove it lol!

Do any of you have this gorgeous Butter London???

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. ooh that is gorgeous..
    i love butter london and i love red! I too have countless reds in my stash - about a million OPI reds.. But I recently got a Nails Inc Jubilee set which included Baker Street, Whitechapel and St James.. (already had Baker Street but meh its such a great colour why not have 2!) And I must say St James instantly made it on to my top red list!It is perfectly opaque in one coat and theres some very secret sexy shimmer in it which stops it being just your boring blue toned red.. It is lovely.. Other reds I love are Thanks So Muchness.. <3 Glad to know you dig a good red too!


    1. I've recently fallen in love with Nails Inc so I'll have to check those out!! You always need a good red!

  2. That is a gorgeous red! I don't have that one...actually I don't own any Butter Londons at all. I love this mani, so pretty!

    1. Thanks Amber. If you could only have one Butter London I'd say this one should definitely be it!

  3. this is stunning!! I don't own any butterLondons, love this!

    1. Stephanie this one is SO stunning! Really a gorgeous red!

  4. Wow this is really beautiful!! Love your stamp design over that red!