Friday, July 13, 2012

She sells sea shells by the sea shore!

Hi Readers!!! Today's Summer Challenge theme is sea shells.  I was really stumped at first because honestly sea shells are kind of ugly!  The are just brown, white or grey and not much to look at.  The insides of some sure are pretty though.  My first thought was to do black and then stamp with some pretty pastel metallics using the sea shell image from the first Bundle Monster set BUT then something else came to me.  I thought about how gorgeous an abalone shell is and wanted to see if I could recreate it.  My first thought was doing a glitter or glass fleck sponging and then water marbling with black and clear to get the squiggly lines that run through an abalone shell.  I knew the clear or light pink I use to water marble like that sometimes could dull my mani so I had to come up with something else.  Here's what I came up with instead
Too bad I didn't get out in the full sun for these pics! Maybe I'll try tomorrow morning and add them to the post later lol!
I love how sparkly this is!
But the true beauty in this baby is how great it looks in shade!!
Simply stunning!
Here's what I drew my inspiration from
How'd I do?
What did I use to create this masterpiece?? I started with a base color of Milani Black Swift.  Then in random swirls I used WetnWild Coloricon Born Into Privilege, Bow In My Presence, and Speak When Spoken To.  The WetnWild's are all dupes for the China Glaze Prismatics.  Next I stamped using Kleancolor Black and the squiggly line design from Cheeky 16.  I really love how this turned out!  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be working on a ring and bracelet set to match this mani!

Please be sure to check out what the other gals did for their sea shell theme! Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. You nailed this one!!!Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Completely agree ^^
    Looks just like the shell! fantastic job xx

  3. Completely nailed this. It is stunning!!!

  4. OMG!! You nailed it!! Gorgeousssss

  5. this is absolutely awesome!!!

  6. This is one of the prettiest manicures I have ever seen! What a great object to use for inspiration, and your interpretation is amazing!

  7. this is just sensational Laurie xx

  8. Amazing work Laurie! Love everything about this mani.

  9. You did good, lol! This is so sparkly and lovely!