Thursday, July 5, 2012

Same Thing Only Different?

Hi Readers!  I did this pretty awesome gradient and when I was done I looked at it and said, hmmmm I think I did one like this already--LOL! No matter it still looks fantastic and the great thing about gradients and stamping is you can completely change the look by stamping a different image over it!  I messed up my ring finger while stamping--yes even a seasoned stamper messes up-so I decided to leave it without stamping for some pics so you can see the before and after.
For this gradient I used Zoya Reagan, Nails Inc Wilton Row and my franken Fury for the tips.  It's really quite lovely!
But as you can see the stamping over it is super beautiful!  I went with white using BM314.
And what's so lovely about this mani is it's another one that totally matches the blouse I wore to work!!
I wish I could say I can stop this mani matching shirt thing any time but honestly I'm addicted so I don't think I can lol!

Just in case you're wondering where you've seen this gradient before I did one like it for my Best Place You've Ever Been mani!

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. Even if it's a sort of repeat, it's still beautiful! I love the stamping pattern. :)

  2. Gorgeous. The white stamping takes it to a whole new level :)

    1. I'm really glad I went with white!

  3. The white really pops out, whereas the black softens the design right down. I love them both!